8/10/2022 12:48 pm




Katie Makelele, Co President

Tara McConnell, Co President 

Kelley Karvandi, Secretary

Lisa Lee, Treasurer

Alicia Haygood, VP of Fundraising

Mary Olley, VP of Technology

Beth Beyer Williams, VP Communications

Ellen Snyder, VP Communications

Nicky Doss, VP of Special Projects and Campus Improvements

Paige Miller-Blum, VP Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Alexis Wolf, VP of Events

Melissa Guy, Events

Melanie Frisone, VP of Hospitality

Casey Magargle, VP of Hospitality

Alice Hsieh, Mandarin Rep

Kimberly Mills, Principal

Colleen Love, Vice Principal

Mrs. Deacon, Teacher Representatives

Mrs. Caramucci, Teacher Representatives


Principal Update 

Mrs. Mills & Mrs. Love



  • Mrs. Mills will send out more emails to communicate about parking at north gate and not parking in fire lanes
  • Have officers give tickets


President Update

Katie Makelele

Tara McConnell


Meet the Teacher

    • Feedback from parents?
    • Ideas for next year?


  • Need some signage/poster boards saying where classrooms are and signage directing people to the cafeteria. Consider getting permanent signage to re-use. Yard signs, A-frame signs, or use the back of DCES yard signs and hold in place with zip ties.


Should we get a PTO zoom account? $150/year 


  • Voted YES 8/8/22



Curriculum Night August 9 

  • PTO info session 5-5:30pm
  • PTO Presidents will be answering questions from parents in between sessions if anybody wants to join us


Would one of us like to take the “parent at large” position on site council so that we can connect communication between site council and PTO?

New families 

  • Play date Saturday August 27 830-10 at the 105th park
  • Mrs. Mills will follow up after day10 for complete list of new families


Teachers have been asked for input regarding Artist in Residency and Art Masterpiece. Mrs. Mills will let us know if teachers would like to participate in these programs. We already have a volunteer to assist if the programs are approved.



  • 3-5 Grade Teachers said no to Art Masterpiece
  • K-1 Grade Teachers said yes to Art Masterpiece



Feedback for PTO fundraising ideas

  • Book vending machine for library
  • New mascot costume - need a referral
  • Dragon costume
  • Parent pickup shade structure - need quote
  • Speakers/ lighting for amphitheater - need quote

Other ideas from the Board? Please share any ideas you hear from parents/ staff throughout the year


  • Trash can outside of North Gate/office (with lid)
  • Anti-choking device (Mrs. Mills/Mrs. Love checking with nurse)
  • Speakers for pick up line - Mrs. Love is ordering 2 new megaphones
  • Do teachers need alternative seating?



  • *Need to clean out PTO closet



Mrs. Deacon

Mrs. Caramucci

VP of Events

Alexis Wolf & Melissa Guy


Fall Bash


  • Amy Hardy is co-chairing Fall Bash, maybe she could do it w/ Dave and combine movie night?


VP of Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Nicole Doss & Paige Miller-Blum


Mrs. Mills checking with maintenance for pole for snakes sign in wash and to have SLOW sign placed at entrance to North gate parking lot - she has been advised where signs should be placed


More signs to order for car and bus lane


  • Maybe make them yellow? Attach to existing poles



More signs for platinum add in parking spaces (2 so far)


Update on north gate project


  • Land is City of Scottsdale - waiting to receive approved permit



Note for future events: We have a parent that can do balloons


  • Do for ROAR assemblies? 4x/year



Lisa Lee


  1. Adding $100 to Kinder Buddy Day budget for coffee and donuts at the event - APPROVED BY EMAIL VOTE 5/11/22
  2. Adding $200 to technology bucket for color ink cartridge for teacher workroom printer - APPROVED BY EMAIL VOTE 5/11/22
  1. Vote on 22-23 spending Budget for Staff t-shirts of $1150 (so that these can be ready before school starts) - APPROVED BY EMAIL VOTE 6/22/22
  2. Last year, we spent $8332 on spiritwear and made $17,932, raising $9600 for the PTO. Vote for the 22-23 spending Budget for the year for spiritwear of $10,000 (so that we can get the ball rolling on our orders)- APPROVED BY EMAIL VOTE 6/22/22
  3. Vote on 22-23 PTO Budget - APPROVED BY EMAIL VOTE 7/28/22
  4. Chase checking account balance: $87,487.24
  5. Paypal Balance: $2,257.71
  6. Spiritwear Sales from Meet the Teacher Night: $5291.00




VP of Hospitality

Melanie Frisone & Casey Magargle


  • Include in email that teacher treats can be sponsored if people don’t want to buy the treats




VP of Communications

Beth Beyer Williams & Ellen Snyder


  • 1) At the end of the school year, we were looking for a co-VP communications and Ellen Snyder volunteered to help Beth. So a vote to officially have Ellen be co-VP communications. APPROVED BY EMAIL VOTE 6/22/22


VP of Fundraising

Alicia Haygood

  • Lou Malnati’s reached out for Family Nights Events
    Cafe Au Plait wants to do a Coffee event i.e. Coffee with the Principal or something
    Communications needs to know which sponsors get FB/Email posts and how many


VP of Technology

Mary Olley


  1. Submit the ticket to have the contacts uploaded. Duplicates are skipped and any new student is uploaded as outdated initially with permission to publish in the directory set to NO.
  2. Store is online. Any shirts (except the crop) sold out of existing inventory will be converted to backorder. End day for backorder is set to Aug 14, please let me know if there needs to be an extension to this date.
  3. Mary and Criag will be working together to keep the website/app updated. We welcome any suggestions to make the site/app more useful for parents. We have a question as to what we can post with regard to after school programs from outside vendors and sports teams. We are concerned that it might conflict with the sponsorship program.
  4. Dave is working on the google office space migration to handle the PTO email and create official drive space to store PTO files for easy transition in the future. He is waiting for an OK from the board to start the process in case there are temporary glitches in email due to unforeseen technical difficulties.



  • New Families Guide on website needs to be updated and sent to Mrs. Mills for review before being updated



Read More


4/10/2022 12:45 pm




Katie Makelele, Co President Outgoing

Tara McConnell, Co President Incoming 

Laura Weeshoff, Outgoing President

Marissa Anderson, Outgoing Secretary

Kelley karvandi, Incoming Secretary

Lisa Lee, Incoming Treasurer

Alicia Haygood, VP of Fundraising

Dave McCuistion, Outgoing VP of Technology

Craig Doss, Incoming VP of Technology

Krista Kotsovos, Outgoing VP of Special Projects and Campus Improvements

Nicole Doss, Incoming VP of Special Projects and Campus Improvements

Dina Engler, Outgoing VP of Events

Renee Johnson, Incoming VP of Events

Melanie Frisone, VP of Hospitality

Holly Hooley, Teacher Representative

Jamie McCrensky, Teacher Representative 

Kimberly Mills, Principal



THANK YOU to the 2021 - 2022 PTO Executive Board and 

WELCOME to the 2022 - 2023 PTO Executive Board!


Co-President (outgoing)

Katie Makelele

Co-President (incoming)

Tara McConnell


Kelley Karvandi

VP Treasurer/ Finance

Lisa Lee

VP Fundraising

Alicia Haygood

VP Technology

Mary Olley

VP Technology

Craig Doss

VP Communications

Beth Beyer Williams

VP Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Nicole Doss

VP Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Paige Miller-Blum

VP Events

Renee Johnson

VP Events

Alexis Wolf

VP Hospitality

Melanie Frisone

VP Hospitality

Casey Magargle

Principal Update 

Mrs. Mills & Mrs. Love

  • Shade structure at north gate is with the City of Scottsdale permitting
  • Enrollment is at 528 and Kindergarten is filling up
  •  State testing is going on this week and next week.  


President Update

Outgoing Laura Weeshoff

Remaining Katie Makelele

Incoming Tara McConnell


  • Board vote - additional funds for Art Room/ Mrs. Sparks $160.  All present vote, “yes.”
  • Chair appointments will go out following this meeting, please give non board members a chance to sign up
  • Reach out to Beth about Amazon Smile and Box Tops.  Tutorial on how to use Amazon Smile would be helpful to parents.



  • Fiesta Update.  Lots of donations coming in.  Donations accepted for teacher and staff tickets.  Teacher and staff price is $25.  
  • Discuss moving movie night on campus to April 29 to coincide with the last day of the Spring Book Fair
  • Discuss moving movie night to Fall next year (earlier sunset)
  • Would dance move to Spring if movie night moved to Fall?
  • Combine golf and auction next year as we have in the past?
  • Thoughts on a casino night?
  • Do we keep Carnival in January?


  • Thank you to PTO for dinner on conference night
  • Chargers are paid for by PTO and we are waiting on them to arrive
  • Teachers would like a new color printer if possible in next year’s PTO budget.  Need to goth through IT for quote
  • Tree in 5th grade cove approved and complete on PTO end.

VP of Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Outgoing Krista Kotsovos & Brena Courtad

Incoming Nicole Doss & Paige Miller-Blum


Shade/sidewalk expansion for entrance

Here are the latest City of Scottsdale civil engineer plans for the entrance:






Here is a quote for shade on the playground should we choose to purchase artificial turf for that area: bottom line the estimate is $65k for shade on the primary playground -that would be in addition to artificial turf costs



Other legacy spending area ideas: 

  • Lighting for amphitheater-need to get contacts for district approved lighting to get  quotes
  • Entrance signage once entrance project is complete
  • Create pony walls to enclose upper class playground and provide seating for south gate/bus students
  • Create a pony wall along the outer edge of the sidewalk along the basketball court to promote improved water runoff and to block balls from falling into the wash area there
  • Foam wrapping around poles on grades 2-5 playground.  Get quote when vendor is out for repairs on poles in K-1 playground.  Email to Shannong and cc Mrs. Mills about getting estimate at this time.

Possible District funded items

  • Shade over basketball court
  • Suggestion: is it possible for the district to plant the dichondra repens for the area that faces the amphitheater? The cost is low to try this first - would fund it but then PTO would be responsible for maintaining - I would suggest the district pay for the planting of this and we see how it works out - if not we can go with the pricier option of artificial turf but we would likely also need to provide a shade structure over - we could likely do the pavers look we initially thought of with the dichondra if it takes off



Outgoing Tara McConnell

Incoming Lisa Lee


​​Current Bank balance: $93,073.96

Current PayPal balance: $1000


Recent Budget Items:



Income Budget

Income Actual

Expense Budget

Expense Actual

Actual Net

Remaining Budget

Amazing Race




$4,620.67 (11%)



Brick Club







Box Tops







Family Fun Nights







Hospitality (General)







Hospitality (teacher treats)














Paypal Fees







-ACTIONABLE ITEM: $100 was approved via email for the Fun Run. I pulled a $100 cash bank which will go back to the fun run fund and Marissa thinks she spent more than $100. We made $56 dollars on donuts, water, and gatorade. Vote to make the fun run income goal $150 (to cover cash bank redeposit and funds raised) and $250 ($150 increase) spending budget to include cash bank and anything Marissa bought. APPROVED by all present.

-ACTIONABLE ITEM: The total for the mastic tree was $1068. This is more than the campus improvements bucket of $1000. This is more of a legacy spending item. Vote to add $1100 to the legacy spending budget instead of expanding the campus improvements bucket to cover this cost. APPROVED by all present.

-ACTIONABLE ITEM: Paypal fees went over budget (due to Amazing Race doing so well). Vote to add $300 to change PayPal fee bucket from $2500 to $2800 APPROVED by all present.

-ACTIONABLE ITEM: $160 to art fund teacher reimbursements APPROVED by all present.

-ACTIONABLE ITEM: $1100 from $0 to 5th grade celebration and going forward so that all students benefit eventually from this budget.  Approved by all present.  


Note: We approved $3000 to be added to the technology bucket to cover chargers back in January via email. I couldn’t find this in meeting minutes so noting approval here. Also, we don’t have updated meeting minutes on our website since August

VP of Hospitality

Remaining Melanie Frisone & Caroline Margargle


April 27 Admin Day Lunch 

May 2-6 Teacher Appreciation Week, Theme: Willy Wonka - The Golden Ticket to School

May 6 Nurses Day Lunch

May 26 Teacher Breakfast


5th Grade Bricks:

22 Ordered- (earned $1100, cost $418 = $682)

Shipping date May 4th 


5th Grade Celebration:

Theme: Camp Cubby

DJ: $300

Photo Booth: $435 (photos given as souvenirs)

Cupcakes $45

Pizza $160

Drinks $24

Decorations $40

Games $25

Total:  $1029 

(Parents paid for 5th grade t-shirts earlier in year) 

We will raffle off the scholastic books during the celebration 

Graduation information will go out after testing is complete.  


Read More


3/12/2022 12:45 pm




Katie Makelele: Incoming President

Laura Wheeshoff: Outgoing President

Tara  McConnel: Treasurer
Marissa Anderson: Secretary 

Kimberly Mills: Principal

Colleen Love: Assistant Principal

Krista Kotsovos: VP Campus Improvements 

Alicia Haygood: VP Communications 

Holly Hooley: Faculty

Jamie McCrensky: Faculty

Melanie Frisone: VP Hospitality

Caroline Margargle: VP Hospitality

Renee Johnson: Adults’ night out

Mary Olley: VP of Technology 



Amazing Race - raised $40k again!!  


Principal Update

  • Shade structure, waiting on civil engineer plans, then will submit to city, then city will get permits approved.  
  • Mr. Robinson Charros Teacher of the year!
  • In person kinder round up this week.


President Update

Mrs. Mills will ask teachers again this week whether they are comfortable with indoor volunteers. Decision will be made by grade level


Kinder Buddy Day may be in person - Mrs. Mills will be discussing with Kinder teachers


Community Service Project - picking up trash.  


Campus Improvements

Shade/ benches/ sidewalk at North Gate - being reviewed by a civil engineer/ contractor, plans then need to be approved by the city. We will share the drawing with parents and teachers once the engineer finishes it. We are hoping to have this project completed before the next school year begins.


Shade structure over basketball courts still pending - someone from the district came out to assess


District is not looking at updating the playgrounds


Area between Music and Nurses Rooms could use an update. Artificial turf is typically under warranty; any landscaping or gardening PTO plants or pays for will be maintained by PTO

Garden Club - could increase to 2 volunteers if Tina wants/ needs them.  Possibly divide 3 hour slot into 2 x 1.5 hour slots.


Send out survey to parents, and teacher reps will as well, to get feedback on the years events. Going forward we can consider sending surveys after each event for immediate feedback.


Tentative new board

Will send out link to vote this week



We do still need volunteers for vp of technology - we could leave those blank to remind people they are still needed


Teachers - Mrs. Hooley


VP events:

  • Fun run update:  Facilities request submitted, we  will be running a mile on campus.  8:30 start.  Selling Krispy Kreme donuts.   Mrs. Leopold  put a google form together for people to sign up.   
  • Adults’ Night Out  We have secured the wandering donkey and it is $20 for a meal and one drink. All drinks after that are cash bar. Tickets $45-$50. We are also underway with gathering donation items for the auction. We still have a lot of work to do but so far we have some nice big ticket items and several smaller items. 

*** If anybody is able to donate a service or has any friends or contacts with local places that would donate a service or product, please let either Renee or Dina know. Will also auction off school experiences like the marquee or morning announcements.  They  

would love to get help with securing auction items from anybody who is able. 

  • Movie night 


VP of special projects/campus improvements:


  • Next year initial focus should be on maintenance - repainting mural, re doing or repainting wooden flowers in coves
  • Makerspace day plan (permission slips, reserve library, probably on early release day)
  • Amazing celebrations for classrooms approval 



Amazing Race raised $40,317.75!!!

Great job, Krista!!!

For perspective, this is about twice what we were raising before Krista started doing Amazing Race. We usually spend about 15% of what we make on the race. I don't have all the numbers spent on this year's race yet. We may have gone over budget at least in part because we made more than our $30,000 goal. I will email for a vote to expand the budget if that's the case.

















Vote for shelving units in the PTO room.  $1000 approved by everyone present.


VP of Hospitality

5th grade bricks deadline March 15.

Read More


2/12/2022 12:45 pm


Parents’ Night Out :  April 22 

At wandering donkey $50 a ticket , $45 ahead of time, 



Carnival: $6,647 

Chinese New Year 

Next year: We will offer Chinese new year t-shirt to all teachers.

Sell t-shirts at the event, consider ordering 10% extra with all spiritwear. 

Also have hospitality provide New Years lunch and make sure PTO Presidents are 

aware of hospitality meals/lunches planned


Principal Updates:

PTO Calendar 


Charros is same day as parent night out


3 volunteers per class during field day March 4.   PTO responsible for securing volunteers.  Parents need to reach out to Sharon and cc Mrs. Mils if they have submitted volunteer packet but not heard back.


Trimming sidewalks


Working on schedule for shade structure and concrete.  Greg is working with the city.  We do not have a time for completion yet.


PTO calendar for admin by June/July with events, including family nights.

President Updates:


-Beth is helping in the front office including with social media!

-District offered to pay for basketball shade structure


1) sustainability - we will be having a grad student from ASU speak at our march general meeting on sustainability

- they have given us oodles of goodies as well - to do sustainability projects at school, which are essentially STEM projects, 

- were wondering a good time for this - potentially May when testing is done? 

- Mrs. Mills is working with ASU to find a time for them to come out and do the Mobile Stem Lab at school this year or next year.  This is Dr. Menzel’s project.   PTO will speak with our contact at ASU to determine if these are the same projects.

2) Playground helpers are not needed this year.  


3) vote in March re: board - one per family- we can put name and email on the form; April is transition/training, May is new board; We will send out chair positions once board is finalized; **needs to be filled


**President (Incoming; 2 year term)


VP of Communications 

VP of Events 

**VP of Finance / Treasurer

**VP of Fundraising

VP of Hospitality 

**VP of Special Projects (and Campus Improvements)

VP of Technology (App and Website) 


4) Birthday Book Club / Book Fair - consider having books donated to library next year; 

look at new vendor for book fair; we have added $175 for the librarian for anything from scholastic and this may be adjusted.  

We may consider a different book supplier for higher quality library books.

Possibly giving books to outgoing 5th graders and incoming Kinder


5) AEL  - Aggregate Expenditure Limit, state legislature must act by 3-1 or SUSD will be unable to spend 27 million dollars of its budget


Link to chaparral pto site for example of how to contact legislature for funding deadline.  We can also post the district fact page.


6) Lisa Burke and Alison Stein are our community outreach - they work with Luz. 

Luz is organizing specific items for our Refugees so keep an eye out for their posts/emails

And of course she has an office here for anyone in need in the community


VP Events:


1) Fun run suggested by our running club teachers. Tentatively: April 3 at 9am.  Marissa will chair and work with Mrs. Leopold and Miss Tipton.


2) Amazing Race update



Vote for $150 to technology budget for black print cartridge for work room.  Approved by everyone present.  


Chase balance: $64,484.44

PayPal balance: $1,283.53


Carnival numbers:



            Income: $14,489.56

     NET: $6,647.39


Vote to give preschool/prek shared $100 grade level funds this year.  Approved.

Slon will continue to get $500 per year.



February 14th - special teacher treat morning


5th Grade Committee:

T-shirts will be in within the next couple of weeks

5th grade bricks deadline is March 15th


Chargers: Fund approved but determining if we can order them from cheaper supplier. SUSD IT wants them from a specific supplier. $2914 for 80 chargers.  


Campus Improvements:

Read More


1/12/2022 12:45 pm



Laura Weeshoff - Outgoing President

Katie Makelele - Incoming President

Kim Mills - Principal

Colleen Costello - Vice Principal

Tara McConnell - Treasurer

Marissa Anderson - Secretary

Holly Hooley - VP of Faculty

Jamie McCrensky - VP of Faculty

Krista Kotsovos - VP of Special Projects / Campus Improvements 

Mary Olley - VP of Technology

Beth Williams - VP of Communications 

Alicia Haygood - VP of Communications

Melanie Frisone - VP of Hospitality

Brenda Courtad - VP of Special Projects / Campus Improvements

Rene Johnson

Caroline Magargle


Principal Updates


Two teachers: Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Sparks re-certified for NBC!!!

North Gate Canopy is up

Fifth grade and Mrs. Sparks have drinking fountains up/functioning

January 25th meeting of SUSD board - for approval of shade/sidewalk


Are on campus tours occurring right now for prospective families - Wednesdays outside of school hours;  Tina can tend to the garden; Tara can do chalkboard




PTO General Meeting to follow this meeting



Carnival 1/21/22

Confirmed pre planned events are ok as long as mitigation strategies are promoted (hand sanitizers at each station, encourage distance while in line, encourage masks, limit number allowed in bounce houses) 


Birthday Book Club

Lisa will coordinate with the library to allow students to pick out their own books. Other items delivered to students in classroom


Chinese New Year classroom parties

No visitors or volunteers allowed at this time


Chinese New Year Celebration 2/4/22

Pre-planned and outside so ok at this time

We have a food truck and dragon ready for 5pm - so advertise start time as 4:45pm


Election: Our Community Engagement committee will create a google form for those interested in positions for next year, including: Name, grades of children, position they are interested in for next year and why, backup position they are interested in.  If Election is March I think we need to get going on getting our nominations and interested parents. 


Book Fair - gifted funds - $175 to teachers, 11 have finalized their orders / spent almost $1900 and Emily is following up with the others. 

VP Special Projects


Teachers prioritized outdoor shade and additional funding for a part time aide for oversized classrooms.  All teachers who responded wanted more shade, half of teachers who responded wanted part time aide.


Krista and Brenda met this morning to discuss shade and playground options


Tree for 5th grade - Brenda will get quote and turn it into Sharon


Permanent signs for bus lane, pick up/ drop off lane etc. before August; district may place them



VP Treasurer


  • Raised $65k year to date
  • Banking balances
    • Chase $50,827.93
    • PayPal $2,542.52
  • PTO Votes from email: YES to Slon room parent funds +$180
  • History of spending for aides

    21/22 ($13,463)

    Computer lab



    21/22 ($13,463)




    20/21 ($27,625)




    20/21 ($27,625)

    Reading intervention


    Now paid from results based funding

    20/21 ($27,625)

    Front desk


    Now paid by school

    19/20 ($21,532)

    Computer lab



    19/20 ($21,532)

    2nd computer lab



    19/20 ($21,532)

    Reading intervention


    Now paid by school

    19/20 ($21,532)





VP Events

  • Carnival: 1/22
    • ​​On track with vendors & food
    • —Organized the booth props last week and found the leftover prizes in the PTO closet so we’re in good shape
    • —We have 2 sponsors so far for our sponsor booths (Mattisinko & Firemark)
    • —No raffle
    • —Volunteers- sent out sign ups this week - need to advertise this big time
    • —Need to send lots of reminders to pre purchase wristbands/tickets - buy early to avoid the lines!
    • —Need overall help promoting carnival - social media, emails, texts.  We can hang flyers on campus and will send another flyer
  • Family Fun Night: Papa Johns 1/29
  • Gala: Need to pinpoint a day for the gala/auction since the original discussed date of 4/15 doesn’t work.  Committee to be organized to help with event.  New date 4/22
  • Amazing Race:  Krista would like a committee to help. Kick off/soft launch at Chinese New Year


VP Technology

  • Update date of Chinese New Year on website with info; Update new chair of Gala  - Renee Johnson
  • Update parent listings


VP Communications

  • Krista needs a committee for Amazing Race - please advertise
  • Also Gala committee 


VP Teachers

  • 3s and 4s again next year
  • Thanks from teachers for shade structures, donuts, and Mrs. Sparks Water Bottle fillers.  
  • Is it possible to replace Keurig and have additional creamers
  • Clarification needed on chargers.  Once we get a number, we will vote on it.  District is not paying for extra chargers, so PTO will need to.
Read More


12/10/2021 12:45 pm




Laura Weeshoff, Outgoing President

Katie Makelele, Incoming President

Kimberly Mills, Principal

Colleen Costello, Assistant Principal

Tara McConell, Treasurer 

Marissa Anderson, Secretary

Alicia Haygood, VP of Communications

Dave McCuistion, VP of Technology 

Beth Beyer, VP of Communications

Dina Engler, VP of Events

Lisa Burke, Carnival

Mary Olley, VP of Technology

Krista Kotsovos, VP of Improvements

Melanie Frisone, VP of Hospitality

Jamie McCrensky, VP of Staff

Holly Hooley, VP of Staff


  • Golf Tournament reached their fundraising goal! 
    • Next year remember prize for lowest score; 
    • Save sponsorship boards
    • Consider date change to spring


Principal Updates:

  • Up to 2 volunteers allowed in each classroom for the winter parties; teachers will coordinate with room moms. Encouraging teachers to select parents that have not had a chance to volunteer this year. 
  • Winter concerts - Band (Tues), Choir (Wed.), Strings (Thur.)
  • Spelling Bee (Friday) 
  • Sub days for teachers
  • Spirit Week Dec. 13th-7th 
  • Caroling - Wed. Dec. 15th (5th grade and choir)
  • Baskets
  • Teacher support from admin.
  • Tax Credit 
  • Campus improvement updates. City council meeting to approve widening Dec 7. Then to SUSD board
  • OE 44 Kindergarten 2022-2023 


President Updates:



  • Run Club


    • We are paying $25/hour for Ms. Tipton for the entire year 
    • Site Council is paying for Ms. Leopold and both aids
    • Looking to schedule 1k? Or 1 mile fun run in Spring.  Should consider making it a PTO event on weekend instead of a school event due to less restrictions.   Remember field day is March 4th
    • Putting together Run Club t-shirts for possible fundraising (to go towards paying Ms. Tipton)
    • Consider adding a fee next year to offset cost.   We have done this in the past for other clubs.
    • Vote $360 to pay for staff through Spring, $40 for supplies.  Approved.
  • General Meeting next month January 10th (March 7th) middle school cafeteria
    • Possibly in the middle school library, evening meeting. 
    • Rena Saltzman in charge of speaker.
    • We will discuss all of the positions, and email them out; at that point we have 2 months to fill a slate; Discuss the Outreach VP position - and putting the outreach group under it in the future
    • Voting will be in March at general meeting. 
    • Possibly eliminate VP of outreach
    • Notify parents of statewide ban on suspending a child 4th grade and under


  • Garden Club - we have added pre-k
  • Parada del Sol float - Need truck and trailer for float.  Connect with Mr. Rhodes on this because he is head of Stu Go.  Event is 2/12/21
  • High Heat Days - Request permission to use middle school classroom.  Still pending.


  • Tax Credit Flyer - should PTO make this? Needs to be sent out / posted this month
  • Thank you to Tara McConnel for the chalk board art


Campus Improvements/Special Projects: Krista and Brenda


  • City will review at the December 8 meeting 
  • Shade structure for students will be installed during winter break
  • Tree put in soon - water line has been installed
  • Water Fountain - still pending information


Events: Dina and Kelly



  • This week: 
  • Mom’s night happy hour on Wednesday 5-7


      • Peter Piper


  • Carnival - 1/21/22 - Lisa Burke


    • Submit Facilities request for tables, chairs and maintenance to keep the field clean that night through Lisa Macarele at Facilities
    • Field reserved
    • Rides and inflatables approved
    • Sports theme
    • Start advertising early
    • Set up sign up for parent and teacher volunteers
    • Check supply closet for prizes and games
    • Raffle: pre purchase tickets online or buy at carnival. 


  • Chinese new year celebration 28th - 1/28/22


    • Outside in amphitheater
    • PTO will sponsor dragon
    • Need to reach out to Michelle Lightner and Kerry Lee


  • Amazing Race - Krista Kotsovos
  • Soft launch at the Chinese New Year celebration 


    • Theme: Rockin in the USA
    • Prize launch session at lunch 
    • Teacher responses: 79% said yes to lunch with a teacher, suggestions for rewards outside of school, consider equity for all kids despite parents’ economic contribution.  



  • Spring book fair date set:


    • April 25-29 (Fine Arts April 29)

Treasurer - Tara


  • Family Fun Nights has surpassed their goal of $1000 and already has raised $1762.01
  • Golf tournament surpassed their goal of $10,000 and raised $10,305.37. With costs landing at $6649.26, the event netted $3656.27
  • ACTIONABLE ITEM: We need to have a vote to approve a new budget for legacy spending for north gate improvements because costs have risen since we got our original quote. Prior budget was $36,000 and we need $45,000, which is a difference of $9000. Vote to add $9000 to legacy spending budget.  Approved.
  • ACTIONABLE ITEM: The current budget for Run Club is $750. $300 of that is for Tara Webster to use for supplies and $152 has been spent so far. The other $450 was meant for staffing. Mrs. Mills has asked us for $810 to cover the additional staff. I’m not sure if this is for the semester or for the entire year, but we might need to alter the budget based on the difference. Once clarified, at $810, the budget will need to be increased by $400 which will cover the $810 and add $40 to Tara’s supplies budget YES
  • Budget to date below:


Teachers Report - Mrs. Hooley and Ms. McCrensky

  • “Chromebook” charger update: 29 charges requested, $2914.48 for 80 chargers.  School is getting new chromebooks that are different from current chromebooks.  Consider ordering chargers for all classrooms because of chromebook change.
  • Teacher input - classroom  helpers.  Less than half want regular classroom helpers.
  • Over 80% would like copy help. Try to set up copy help in work room starting in January.  
  • Teacher input - legacy spending - will be sent out this week


Communications / App - Beth, Alicia, Dave, Mary

  • Are teachers getting our emails?  Dave/Mary
  • Make sure teachers feel welcome to attend events and are notified early
  • Alicia - Update PTO board with Winter Recess


Hospitality - Melanie and Caroline

  • Pies a success!
  • Teacher gift baskets 

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11/10/2021 12:45 pm




  • Fall social : success! things we liked/Things we'd improve on 
  • US News World Report - top 2.5 % 32/1315 az public schools

Upcoming Events:

  • Family Fun Night 11/18- Panera (4-8pm).  Get flyers to teachers earlier.  $1000 goal reached on family fun night!
  • Turkey Trot 11/23 - Candace organizing volunteers at Mrs. Sparks request, 2 from each class.  Volunteers needing approval should let school/district know it’s for Turkey Trot.
  • Golf Tournament 12/3 - MMR. Need sponsors and participants!! Lunch included also 2 drinks 
  • Family Fun Night 12/9 - Peter Piper Pizza (5-8pm)
  • Carnival 1/21
  • Chinese New Year Celebration 1/28 - Friday evening celebration on campus?


Presidents Updates:

  • Running Club
    • 1k in 2022 on campus - what month/date would work? 
    • Planning for next semester:  funding through t shirts, tax credit, etc.  PTO pays for one staff member, site counsel pays for the second staff member. If site counsel pays for both teachers, PTO could find a way to fund or support para volunteers.
  • DCES Ranking Graphic on DCES Facebook page?  (possibilities - separate email announcement, card with tattoo, placement on kinder roundup flyer)
  • Kindergarten Roundup
    •  Dates: 11/9, 1/11, 3/08; last 2 will be in person in the library. 
    • Tours available after school on Wednesday
  • Helping teachers with large class sizes.
    •  Can PTO fund a part time assistant teacher to help the 2-3 largest classes on campus? (say classes k-2 with more than 24, and 3-5 with more than 25) 
    • Or recruit semi-permanent volunteers for those teachers?
    • Look into it for the future for all regular program grades that are significantly larger? (i..e this year maybe 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th-  consider 2 part time aides/ one for 2nd/3rd one for 4th/5th - or long term volunteers
    • Does teacher want an aid
    • Each teacher can choose 1 parent volunteer
    • Must be Equitable
    • Volunteers in classrooms?  Right now limited to one at a time.  
  • Holiday Shop: What do we do for holidays on campus - asked by a parent. Could we do a shop for students to purchase inexpensive items for their families. (i.e. next year, $1-5 price point, during that before school recess).  Do not have time for it this year, but will look at for next year.
  • Follow up on hooks for backpacks
    • K-3 put backpacks in cove before school, 4-5 put them on the playground.
    • Wall mounts are a concern because of scorpions. Maybe something movable?
  • Book Fair was a big success!


Treasurer Updates:

  • Fall social was well under budget using only $900 of the allotted $1600
  • I've received a check from a management company in Utah called "KNDRS" for $715. It was made out to SUSD but notated as "Desert Canyon Fundraiser." Does anyone know what this is? And if so, can we get it reissued so that it is made out to DCES PTO?


Faculty Updates:

  • Info on chromebook chargers for classrooms.  Mrs. Hooley will send out email to faculty for charger requests before we order.  


Principal Updates:

  • Working on parking spots
  • Office conference room furniture and paint is done.
  • Thank you to hospitality for conference night
  • Thank you for book fair and chalkboards
  • Kinder numbers are excellent for next year

Campus Improvements and Special Projects Updates:

  • The IGA between the city and SUSD should be wrapping up soon and Gregg Skelton is hoping to get the project on the SUSD general board meeting on the agenda for their next meeting. Also Gregg is planning on doing the sidewalk widening first to get the project moving while we wait on the shade structures to be made and installed
  • North gate shade should arrive today and will be scheduled to 
  •  Frame on chalkboard has been completed for the 4th grade cove
  •  SUSD will be replacing the fountain in the 5th grade cove. We are waiting to receive the quote on the water bottle filler for the PE room in order to purchase. 
  •  Parking lot repainting is still in the works
  •  Mastic tree quotes- --Large one will be too big.  Medium is $2500 plus tax and Small is $800 plus tax.  Medium will be good sized and provide shade, Small will be home depot size.  Will need to include pricing of taking down the fence, water will probably provided by district, but not sure.  Vote taken and small is voted on.


  • We will discuss Scholastic dollars next month! Approximately 14,000 dollars raised
  • We have put in our spiritwear order for fall/winter and deliver is expected in about 4 weeks, we made a slight change to the red color due to availability
  • We will meet in the library next month
  • Golf Tournament - advertise the happy hour after as well. Flier
  • Moms night out planned for December as well

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10/9/2021 12:45 pm




Laura Weeshoff, Outgoing President *

Katie Makelele, Incoming President *

Tara McConnell, Treasurer *

Marissa Anderson, Secretary *

Kimberly Mills, Principal *

Colleen Costello, Assistant Principal *

Holly Hooley, Teachers Board Member *

Jamie McCrensky, Teacher Board Member

Krista Kotsovos, Co VP of Special Projects *

Brenda Courtad, Co VP of Special Projects *

Mary Olley, VP of Technology

Dave Mc, VP of Technology

Dina Engler, Co VP of Events

Kelly Brown, Co VP of Events *

Beth Williams, Co VP of Communications *

Alicia Haygood, Co VP of Communications *

Melanie Frisone, Co VP of Hospitality *

Casey McCartel, Co VP of Hospitality

Maria Aldrich, VP of Sponsorships


New families playdate was a success

This week: National Walk/Bike to school and In’n Out are WEDNESDAY


Principal Updates

  • Dr. Menzel clarified that volunteers are allowed outside.  We are opening it up to all parents that would like to volunteer and have a specific reason/event for which they are volunteering.  Volunteers must have proof of vaccination and wear a mask.  Application can be found at https://az50000436.schoolwires.net/Page/397. And then contact Kailey at kaileybrown@susd.org
  • ROAR awards last week
  • Beautiful chalk art by Tara for walk to school
  • Naming Ceremony - Mrs. Suderman putting together a video with pictures
  • Enrollment is up 2018/19 in 400s then, 19/20 was 505; and this year at 521!!!
  • State assessment review at the governing board meeting tomorrow. Highly proficient/average growth in ELA in 2019 and again in 2021. Math Highly proficient/high growth, through Covid our school was the only one that stayed in highly proficient/high growth range. 



  • Running Club Update: Huge demand.  Approval completed through district.  PTO approved for paying for an additional teacher to supervise and for prizes/charms.  Will break it up by grade level.  
  • Gardening Update - need 1 more volunteer for tomorrow 11am - 1:30pm (lunch recess)
  • Volunteers: Volunteers on campus allowed.  Must register at susd.org.  Need proof of vaccination, masked while indoors,  Mrs. Mils to determine the need for volunteers.
  • National walk/bike to school day is Wednesday and reminder this week is spirit week
  • Katie looking at a Moms night out and Dads night out for November
  • General Meeting 
    • Zoom (limited at 100 people) 
    • Discuss events, speakers, volunteering.  


VP of Events

  • Fall  Oct 22 at Paradise Park - logistics
    • Food truck, lawn games, kids must have a parent with them
  • Fall book fair 
    • Quick set-up book fair outside.  Parents are allowed to shop as they leave their conference. Will be outside, so parent volunteers can set up, take down, and work registers.  
    • Consider replacement for Pastries with Parents
    • Family Fun Nights - a lot coming up!
  • Golf Tournament - date set for Friday, Dec 3
  • Carnival 
    • Lisa is currently assigning tasks in her committee 


VP Treasurer

  • Vote to increase funds for hospitality by $400 due to specific donation vote: YES
  • Up to $300 for running club for needs vote: YES
  • Up to $450 for additional running club teacher vote: YES
  • Current Chase account: $88,500
  • Current PayPal Account: $6600
  • Budget items that were previously approved via email:
  • Technology budget:  Proposal to add $170 to the technology bucket to cover a color ink cartridge in the teachers workroom.  YES
  • Accelerated Reader budget:  Proposal to adjust the budget to cover the increased expenses for Accelerated Reader, which the PTO pays for every year. The cost will be an additional $625. (Last year this cost was $3600 so we'd like to get input on approving a new budget of $4225 for this program) YES
  • Hospitality budget: Proposal to add $100 to the Hospitality budget as a "misc. staff fund.” We'd use part of this budget immediately to recognize the 2 nurses and Mrs. Maldonado for the hard work they are doing at our school. Mrs. Mills brought this up in our meeting earlier this month and we've exchanged a lot of emails this week trying to figure out what to do and where the money should come from. Our thought is to use $60-75 for a lunch and a small plant or flowers for each of the nurses and Mrs. Maldonado as a thank you from the PTO. This would leave us a small amount in the event we needed it before the end of the school year.  YES


VP Technology

  • Should we change the website contact email to info instead of support?
  • New Shortcut: dcespto.org/volunteer takes you to the volunteer sign ups page that also has info on the new volunteer process. Will be updated with Dr. Menzel’s new info
  • We have registered dcespto.com, so if typed in it will direct to the dcespto.org website.


VP Communications

  • Mass email going out with PTO info
  • PTO members please send photo and bio


VP Special Projects

Campus Improvements updates:

Entrance project: The district is working with the city on an IGA Intergovernmental agreement rewriting for the whole district –

  •       Is there a way to get a contact with the city of Scottsdale for a timeline for this agreement and preliminary approval
  •       Sidewalk widening – can we just move the fence to the other side of the sidewalk? That would potentially solve the issue

Painting the entrance wall –Mills to send contact info on approved painters

Parking lot:

  •       Drainage will be cleaned
  •       Fixing lines for fall break – they incorrectly added a handicapped parking spot and will be repainting lines so the parking spots will be roomier

Tree planting

  •       Greg suggested a mastic tree to replace the saguaro – Moon Valley approved vendor
  •       I have lots of info on mastic trees for teachers – it’s a magical story


  •       Carpenter at SUSD will make a border for us – will bill for time and materials

Street Signs:

  •       Maybe we name all the gates and add signs? Contest to come up with sign names?
  •       Maintenance will hang signs for auction winners
  •       Will preschool continue current dropoff procedures post covid? Seems to work well for everyone
  •       Bus Lane and Dropoff lane Signs – North Gate Parking Lot signs
  •       Revamp  the current welcome to DCES sign or make a new one? 

Maintenance throughout campus:

  •       Need to maintain butterfly garden along with garden beds, as well as 4th grade garden (Tina)
  •       Butterfly mural needs another coat of poly – Krista to lead- any volunteers to help?
  •       Wooden flowers need a refresh: Girl scouts/Boy scouts/HS volunteers?Water bottle fillers to be fixed? Ms. Sparks asked for one in PE room too. 5th grade cove isn’t working at least, mills to find vendor
  •       Printer? Not working? 


VP Hospitality

  • Lunches for nurses and Mrs. M. 


VP Teachers

  • Update on chromebook chargers for classrooms.  Need to make sure we have the correct charger, cord, and power supply and have the necessary outlet space. 
  • Thank you! for the color print cartridge!


VP Sponsorships

  • sponsor signage is being delivered tomorrow
  • Working on sponsorship help for the golf tournament/looking at discounted rates for members


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PTO BOARD MEETING MINUTES - September 13, 2021

9/13/2021 12:45 pm




Laura Weeshoff, Outgoing President

Katie Makelele, Incoming President

Tara McConnell, Treasurer

Marissa Anderson, Secretary

Kimberly Mills, Principal

Colleen Costello, Assistant Principal

Holly Hooley, Teachers Board Member

Jamie McCrensky, Teacher Board Member

Krista Kotsovos, Co VP of Special Projects

Brenda Courtad, Co VP of Special Projects

Mary Olley, VP of Technology

Dina Engler, VP of Events

Alicia Haygood, Co VP of Communications

Melanie Frisone, Co VP of Hospitality

Casey McCartel, Co VP of Hospitality

Principal Updates

  • First Responders Event was a success.  First Responder guests appreciated the refreshments from hospitality. 
  • Dr. Menzel clarified that volunteers are allowed outside.  Volunteers must go through the application process.  If you are interested you should contact Kailey Brown at kaileybrown@susd.org.  Volunteers must have proof of vaccination and wear a mask.  Application can be found at https://az50000436.schoolwires.net/Page/397.



  • Survey Results:
    • 82 people responded
    • Email and Facebook are important for communication
    • Many want volunteer opportunities and social events.
    • Weekday mornings and 5:30 were evenly split for meeting times
    • Top 3 speakers were psychologist, IT, sustainability and self defense.
    • Shade for outdoor courts received the most votes for projects
    • Condense communication with one PTO/Principal email?
  • General Meeting next month! 
  • Zoom (limited at 100 people) 
    • Discuss events, speakers, volunteering
  • Family Dance/Fun Night Oct 22 at Paradise Park - logistics
    • Food truck, lawn games, kids must have a parent with them
  • New Family's Event scheduled for Oct 2 at Paradise Park


  • Technology Enrichment - thoughts on sponsoring an employee in the future?
    • Probably not enough time in the school day to pull kids for technology, most are getting typing through the one to one technology that began last year.
  • Fall book fair 
    • Quick set-up book fair outside.  Parents if allowed, or just kids with their teachers.  Will be outside, so parent volunteers can do set up, take down, and work registers.  
  • Spring book fair 
    • Probably a few days during spring conferences.
  • Boosting staff morale - ideas?
    • Gift baskets again through parent donations
    • Energy bus comments
    • Wednesday treats are appreciated by teachers


VP Treasurer

  • Working through spirit wear, if anyone has refund question, direct them to Tara.


VP Technology

  • Updating sponsors and logos.
  • Open chair positions can come down
  • Spirit wear


VP Communications

  • Mass email going out with PTO info
  • PTO members please send photo and bio


VP Special Projects

  • Parking signs ordered and will be installed
  • Mrs. Mills to include reminder about not parking in paid spots in her email


VP Hospitality

  • Work with Mrs. Mills for teacher beverage cart


VP Teachers

  • Are room parents getting email lists?
  • Teachers can forward friendship list google forms from room parent to class parents.

Items from meeting with Mrs. Mills


First Responders Assembly 9/10/21

  • Hospitality involved for food and water
  • News may be on campus
  • All reports point to this being a success!


Veteran’s Day Celebration - November 

  • Plan is for virtual celebration that will be recorded


Running Club

  • Committee has been updated
  • The field does not need to be reserved, just set up beforehand
  • Start with 2nd - 5th grade with a commitment of 4-6 weeks
  • Volunteers allowed per new outdoor volunteer guidelines (vaccinated, masked, approved through HR)
  • We will need a waiver/ permission slip to verify parents are aware of participation and so that kids see this as a commitment
  • Committee will work with Ms. Leopold on a waiver


Garden Club

  • Tina has been approved to be on campus to prep the garden to get the Club going!
  • She will set up a system to work with different grade levels during recess once she is ready


Mandarin Special

  • Currently K-3 receives Mandarin as a Special as capacity is limited


Sand in North gate parking lot

  • Mrs. Mills will work with maintenance and will discuss with Greg if not resolved


Chalkboard Frame

  • Mrs. Mills is waiting on an answer from Greg


PBIS Cub of the Quarter

  • Set for 9/29 - it will be recorded


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9/13/2021 12:45 pm

DCES PTO Minutes 8/16/21 at 3:45pm (virtual)


2021-2022 Board Attendees:

Co-Presidents: Laura Weeshoff - Katie Makalele

Principal: Mrs. Mills

Assistant Principal: Ms. Costello

Teacher Representative: Holly Hooley - Jamie McCrensky

VP Finance: Tara McConnell 

VP Communications: Beth Williams - Alicia Haygood 

VP App/Web: Mary Olley – Dave McQuiston 

VP Events: Kelly Brown - Dina Engler 

VP Special Projects - Krista Kotsovos - Brenda Courtad  

VP Hospitality: Melanie Frisone - Caroline Magargle

Secretary: Marissa Andersen (absent)

VP Fundraising: Maria Aldrich (absent)

VP Outreach: Morgan Reader   (absent)

Mandarin Liaison: Kerry Dandan Sullivan  (absent)


  • August 19 PTO info session 5-5:30pm
  •  General Meeting Speaker Options:  (3 meetings to plan for)
    • Psychologist/counselor - target Brooke the DCES psychologist potentially as a free and vested person, a timely and interesting topic that we can focus on covid and coping with anxieties. 
    • SUSD IT: Discuss how to keep our elementary school kids safe online and electronics.  simple but useful tips that all parents should be aware of for keeping our kids safe online. 
    • ASU School of Sustainability: Graduate students discuss ways we can make impacts and help put perspective of why it can make a difference.   The graduate students have programs specifically designed to educate and engage elementary school students.   We can have them discuss with us and help set up simple programs within the school. 
    • Is Your Garage Filled With Items That Should Have Been Thrown Away 10 Years Ago? Robin Adrihan, Founder / Co-Owner, Smooth Transitions of the Valley Garage or home cluttered? Would you like to get organized or make some money by selling some of your treasures? Sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant Robin will give you tips on how to get through the challenge of letting go and what to do with the items that are going 
    • Self Defense At Any Age,Derrek Hofrichter, Chief Instructor, EVKM Self Defense & Fitness: Self Defense expert Derrek Hofrichter will share safety tips and strategies while demonstrating what to do in the most common violent situations. He has been teaching the Israeli self defense system of Krav Maga for over a decade, and can show how you can take measures to protect yourself at any age or physical ability.
    • TASK Board to add to questionnaire for feedback
  • Parents have asked about improved Covid mitigation strategies at pickup similar to last year
    • Mrs. Mills is monitoring  but it is a district decision
    • Resources aren’t available to monitor an add’l gate for pick up
  • Is there a need for an additional aid to assist with release? 
    • No interest in postings for noon aid, 3 para
    • Noon aid position could be split between 2 people
    • TASK PTO will post to Facebook to increase visibility
  • Possible PTO sponsored quiet room in library before school overseen by librarian? (suggested by another parent from experience at a previous school)
    • Tabled for now as this would need to be an extra position as the librarian does not have capacity
    • Kid’s Club closed to new registration due to difficulty hiring staff
  • Volunteering on campus: 
    • Running Club
      • Parent allowed on campus in the morning once a week for running club?
      • Campus is closed for August. Mrs. Mills will let PTO know when a decision is made for September. Any volunteer will need to be vaccinated and will need to wear a mask.
    •  Garden 
      • If parent is allowed on campus for gardening, can students garden with parent?
      • We will find out more in September. Tina will garden during after hours. Mrs. Mills will check to see how many additional volunteers she can have.
    • On campus activities during school day aren’t allowed at this point. Enrichment classes are allowed after school hours.
  • Can we auction marquee monthly messages?
    • The marquee on the South side continues to belong to PTO
    • Proposed auctioning pre-approved messages (such as birthdays) on the marquee on the North side. Sharon is trained on the marque but Mrs. Mills would like PTO to put something together she can review before approving the auctioning of the North side marque.
    • TASK Submit plan for North side marque auction to Mrs. Mills prior to next meeting 
  • Vote to accept changes to by-laws purposed last meeting
    • Board passed changes by vote
  • Spacing in classrooms? 
    • Teachers are spacing as much as they can. Mrs. Mills asks that a parent address the teacher first about possible changes in classroom


Principal Update


  • Parent pickup is getting quicker - normally ends by 3:30pm and we are now done by 3:35pm, so we’re getting quicker
  • Reminder that vehicles should not pull up to South gate, and vehicles should watch their speed
  • Reminder that North gate parents should back up from gate to allow space for children to exit
  • TASK Site council parents needed for K-1, 2-3 and 4-5.  Add post to FB page advising anyone interested to email Sharon or Mrs. Mills  


    • Spiritwear Sales Update - sales have exceeded where we were this time last year!
    • Peter Piper Pizza - $310
    • Over $100,000 in bank account!


Special Projects

    • North gate shade structure status
      • Manufacturer delay; should be shipped out early November
      • Once received, installation will be scheduled
      • Mrs. Mills ok with installation during school hours as long as it does not affect drop off/ pick up
    • City of Scottsdale sidewalk expansion and shad structure status
      • Pending City of Scottsdale approval
      • 2-4 weeks for drawings once approved
      • 3 months for fabrication/ manufacturing
    • Buddy Bench or sign at lower grade level playground 
      • Need to determine if we need to order a bench and a sign or just a sign
      • Teacher input pending with K-1 teachers
      • TASK Teacher Reps will follow up with K-1 teachers. If approved, need quote for new bench or sign
    • Tree in 5th grade cove
      • There has been some discussion about a replacement
      • Official decision pending
    • Frame for 2nd chalkboard - Brenda’s husband may be able to help
      • Approved vendor would need to install once approved
    • Mural at front of school 
      • TASK Need to find an insured vendor for quote
    • Signs for bus lane/ Kids Club and Parent pickup/drop off
      • School would like PTO to pay as they used some of their discretionary fund for new signage at the end of last year
      • Approved Vendors in place to provide quote: Image 360 and Next Day
      • Suggestion for sign to direct parents/ students to Front Office from North gate
      • TASK confirm text on all proposed signs and set up meeting with vendor


  • Pic and Bio of board members to help school parents know who we are and who to contact - Alicia and Beth will notify Board of specifics
  • Parking and street sign auction is online on Facebook currently - marque discussion noted above



    • Proposal to switch to Google Workspace for email hosting.
      • With no objections, we will look into moving our email to Google and have a concrete proposal at a future meeting
    • MTK now has the capability to host our domain instead of the long MTK domain name. We will try out the feature soon.
    • Request to obtain a list of students with their assigned homeroom teachers from school so spiritwear items can be delivered 
      • TASK Email sent to PTO members with a link to update student teacher information 



  • September 17 Back to School Bash
    • Move to October 22 - may need to have a go/ no go date
    • All advertisements should come from PTO so parents know it is not school sponsored
    • Plan is still to hold it outdoors with Covid mitigation strategies in place
  • Golf is interested in moving to November
  • Family Fun Nights 
  • PTO planned events - mitigation strategies / having them outside 
  • Book fair - still unknown whether this will be in person this year


Teacher Reps

  • Teacher allocations 
    • Lisa Lee will do reimbursements this year. She will be emailing teachers once she has been added to the bank account
  • Room parents 
  • Water bottle filler in PE room?
    • We will check notes for cost as PTO has paid for these in the past
  • Color cartridge for the printer in workroom?
    • Requested teachers provide a quote 
  • 2 chargers per classroom?
    • Pending quote 
    • Note: Different models require different wattages/power delivery besides the different ports. So we should make sure the chargers are future proof if provided


Fundraising/Sponsorship Update

  • 8 sponsors so far
    • Final push this week
    • Planning to order signage for the fence August 30th — likely will redesign to accommodate adding sponsors throughout the year
  • Total sponsorship dollars raised to date: $3800 ($3000 PAID + $800 in verbal commitments)
  • Dine-out for DCES nights: who is doing the scheduling?
    • Lou Malnati’s
    • Thirsty Lion
  • September is Vig Gives month - a portion of proceeds will go to DCES 
    • We will start promoting in September
  • Lou Malnati’s —new silver sponsor!
    • Agreed to donate $500 worth of pizzas to us this year. We can use for whatever events we’d like (TAW, Carnival, Movie Night). Could possibly donate more if needed
    • Donated a gift card that we can use for an auction or prize this year. They are mailing it to me directly.
    • They have an incentive program that we could leverage (think Pizza Hut Book-It)for our students. Maybe Amazing Race prize or some other fun incentive this year.
    • Bottom line — they really want to be involved in the community are open ideas working with us.



  • September 10 First Responders Assembly 
    • Students only, separated by grade
    • PTO to provide breakfast and water
    • Breakfast may be moved outdoors - if so, Facilities will put up tent
  • Teacher Treat Wednesdays
    • Sharon will handle set up




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