3/5/2024 8:13 am




Tara McConnell, Co President 

April Beauboeuf, Co President

Adam Cusimano, Secretary

Lisa Lee, Treasurer

Nicole Carey, VP of Fundraising

Sophie Badgett, VP Campus Improvements

Melanie Frisone, VP of Hospitality

Casey Magargle, VP of Hospitality

Craig Doss, VP Technology

Mary Olley, VP of Technology

Melissa Caramucci, Teacher representative

Jamie McCrensky, Teacher Representative 

Erin Scagnelli, Vice Principal

Amie Hegeman, Mandarin representative 



Whitney Graving, VP of Events

Courtney Schramm, VP Communications

Paige Miller-Blum, site council representative

Principal Update 

Mrs. Mills & Mrs. Scagnelli

  • A+ Governing Board Meeting April 9 Recognition
  • Enrollment 411 23-24 school year with 48 Kindergarten 32 Mandarin
  • Kinder Summer Jump Start/Mandarin - More info to come to families
  • Basketball Project is moving along and still projected to be completed by the start of the school year
  • May 10th School A + School of Excellence Celebration 

President Update

Tara McConnell

April Beauboeuf 


Book Vending Machine

5th grade party t-shirts request 

5th grade celebration committee is asking if PTO could vote to cover the cost of the shirts for all fifth graders, so that each child can have a shirt and it can be something inclusive and exciting for all class members. In years past, parents have been asked to contribute money to purchase a shirt for their child. The cost to make this happen would be $934.04.they are  asking for this in addition to the previously allotted party funds.

Yes vote adds $1000 to 5th grade celebrations to cover t-shirts

Current budget is for $1300. Discussion was had about subsidizing the expense and still requesting some expense be covered. ($400)

Motion was made and passed.

Scholastic dollars $8,221

2024 board vote timeline

Voting is being postponed until a Co-President can be established.


Site Council Update

Paige Miller-Blum


Summer school  options voted and approved. 

BB Court and playground update. 

Mandarin Rep update

Amie Hegeman

Looking for additional help for next year.

Looking into a costume/mascot character for $1700 (Tabled)



Lisa Lee


Chase Account Balance: $105,794.00

Votes via email since last meeting:


  • Color Printer budget increased by $500 for additional funds to cover replacement ink cartridges. -vote passed
  • Increased Campus Improvement budget by $2004 to cover new library signs - vote passes
  • Increased Hospitality budget by $3350 for A+ school wide celebration - vote passed


Library Books WIsh List: The librarian is asking PTO to purchase books to fill popular series and keep them up to date. Unfortunately some series are 1-2 books behind. These will be library bound books, similar to the way we purchased them last summer. The total cost will be about $2500. Last summer, PTO purchased almost $3000 worth of new books to start the school year with. The purchase of the books came out of the Legacy spending bucket. Remaining funds left in the Legacy bucket is $1362. (Tabled)


Teacher Reps

Melissa Caramucci/Jamie McCrensky

  • vending machine book titles will be presented
  • Information on Gillian Ragan bench will be shared
  • Will PTO be monitoring the inflatable bouncy house?

VP of Events

Whitney Graving

Amazing Race Update



VP of Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Sophie Badgett

VP of Hospitality

Melanie Frisone & Casey Magargle


VP of Communications

Courtney Schramm



VP of Fundraising

Nicole Carey 

VP of Technology

Mary Olley

Craig Doss