Executive Board Positions and Committees

PTO board term begins May 1st and last one year. Current list updated on: 7/22/2021 

 2021-2022 PTO Board  Name Email
 Co Presidents  Laura Weeshoff  president@dcespto.org
 Co Presidents  Katie Makelele  president@dcespto.org
 Secretary  Marissa Anderson
 VP Communications  Beth Beyer Williams  info@dcespto.org
 VP Communications  Alicia Haygood  info@dcespto.org
 VP Events  Dina Engler
 VP Events  Kelly Brown  events@dcespto.org
 VP Fundraising/Sponsorships  Maria Aldrich  giving@dcespto.org
 VP Hospitality  Melanie Frisone  hospitality@dcespto.org
 VP Hospitality  Michelle Wilson  hospitality@dcespto.org
 VP School App  Dave McCuiston  support@dcespto.org
 VP School App  Mary Olley  support@dcespto.org
 VP Special Projects/Campus Improvements  Krista Kotsovos  projects@dcespto.org
 VP Special Projects/Campus Improvements  Casey McCartel-Magargle
 VP Treasurer  Tara McConnell  treasurer@dcespto.org
 VP Volunteer/Outreach  Morgan Reader  outreach@dcespto.org
 Mandarin Rep  Kerry Lee  
 Teacher Board Member  Holley Hooley  
 Teacher Board Member  Jamie McCrensky  
 DCES Principal  Kimberly Mills  


Thank you to all the volunteers! If you would like to volunteer, please contact any board member. 


Amazing Race Krista Kotsovos
Art Masterpiece Maureen Newkirk
SPC Rep  
SPC Rep  
Auction/Dinner (April)  
Auction/Dinner (April)  
Back To School/Boo Hoo Beth Williams
Back To School/Boo Hoo Ellen Snyder
Back to school bash  
Back to school bash  
Birthday Book Club Lisa Lee
Book Fair/BOGO Emily Niesz
Box Tops Amanda Schlosser
Pastries with Parents (Book Fair morning) Melinda Rozek
Pastries with Parents (Book Fair morning) Kelly McKinney
Family Fun Events. (Monthly dinner fundraiser) Carolyn Pinckard
Community Engagement Coordinator Elise Adland
Community Engagement Coordinator Priscilla Melendez
Fifth Grade Bricks Melanie Frisone
Fifth Grade Celebration Melanie Frisone
Fifth Grade Celebration  
Garden Chair Tina Chu
Golf Tournament (December) Kathleen McDowell
Golf Tournament (December)  
Grants Administration
Helping Hands Alison Stein
Helping Hands Lisa Burke
Kindergarten Round Up Laura Weeshoff
Meet the Teacher Marissa Anderson
Meet the Teacher Laura Weeshoff
Movie Night (May) Michelle Lightner
Paw Partnerships Maria Aldrich
Picture Day Morgan Reader
Reimbursements Lisa Lee
Room Parent Coordinator Candace Vodicka
School Supply Coordinator Maria Stallone
New Family Coordinator (info) Annie Chaeng
New Family Coordinator (events) Kathleen McDowell
New Family Coordinator (events) Kortney Hohle
School Carnival Lisa Burke
School Carnival  
Spirit Wear Megan Fox
Tavan Alison Mandel-Stein
Yearbook Sarah Crawford