1/3/2024 12:10 pm




Tara McConnell, Co President 

April Beauboeuf, Co President

Adam Cusimano, Secretary

Lisa Lee, Treasurer

Nicole Carey, VP of Fundraising

Courtney Schramm, VP Communications

Sophie Badgett, VP Campus Improvements

Melanie Frisone, VP of Hospitality

Casey Magargle, VP of Hospitality

Craig Doss, VP Technology

Mary Olley, VP of Technology

Whitney Graving, VP of Events

Melissa Caramucci, Teacher representative

Jamie McCrensky, Teacher Representative 

Kimberly Mills, Principal

Erin Scagnelli, Vice Principal

Paige Miller-Blum, site council representative

Amie Hegeman, Mandarin representative 



Principal Update 

Mrs. Mills & Mrs. Scagnelli

  • CORE Construction Basketball Court. Construction has started! Prinicipal letter will go out on 1/ 12 to families. On track to be completed by end of this school year and to open in fall of 2024. Parking might be a bit challenging for dismal in the longer term because of the trucks etc up at that end of the school. Should have electrical to support events once open - and bathrooms!
  • A+ Visit : funding for teacher workroom (small updates). Need to get itemized list. 
  • Signage. Tara to check with Sophie on 5th grade cove signage and also the signs for the exterior and the library. Get the sign invoice from 360 for budget vote and the mock up. Need to check on T&T sign placement (Mrs Mills/Pedro). Would be ideal to get those up prior to the A+ visit on the 26th. 

President Update

Tara McConnell

April Beauboeuf

Celebrations: second semester of the school year!  End of January we will start nominations for the next board positions. Asking all current board members to re-nominate themselves, then will request nominations for committees etc in the spring. Courtney will assist with managing nominations and the process. 

Mid year board update: things achieved and monies fundraised thanks to the generosity of our parent donors and volunteers. Tara/Courtney will send the mid year update within the next 48 hours. 


Site Council Update

Paige Miller-Blum. (unable to attend)


Mandarin Rep update

Amie Hegeman. Working on final details of CNY with Mrs Chen. Certificates from lion dancers have been received. Bonsai Boys COI also confirmed; waiting on Boba Tea truck COI. Help wanted: Canva flyer assistance, reach out to Tara, Nicole or Courtney for that. Staffing for photo booths (sign up genius) and staff snacks. Connect with room parent coordinator (Gretchen Vandegrift) to get room parents to provide snacks. Provide Gretchen’s email to Amie; Amie and Mrs Chen to provide list of snacks/drinks desired. Maybe ask sponsor to provide snacks also. CNY shirts order was placed and should be delivered soon!



Lisa Lee. Working on the tax submission done. Same CPA as last year and we have an extension to file until April 2024. Continue to encourage teachers to submit reimbursements. Ask: what % of teachers have submitted? May 15th is the final cut off for reimbursement submissions. 


Chase Balance: $103,279.99

Teacher Reps

Melissa Caramucci/Jamie McCrensky

-Results from AR survey will be shared. 39 teachers responded; majority chose to go with a change in the event and/or format. Older grades want more challenging activities, boredom creates behavioral issues during the event. Feedback from older grade parents was a) less desire to volunteer due to age appropriate activities b) less desire to contribute money as less time left in the school. Need to tie in with upcoming school needs, to create formal urgency (i.e. snack cove areas, hand washing stations, interventionist aides, teacher lounge, a cover for the lower ball court, a kids hang out area or an outdoor classroom). PTO to coordinate survey of teachers on a) what are the right activities and b) what would be good fundraising ideas?  Get suggestions from teachers especially for activities that would resonate with upper grades for the “race” activity. 


-Would PTO be willing to do something to honor Gillian Ragan, the student who passed? Would DCMS and DCES PTO’s consider doing a buddy bench together in her memory? There was a “temporary” memorial done by the middle school but desire to do something more permanent. Follow up with Sophie (VP Campus Improvements) to see if we can get a quote/placement for a bench to commemorate. 

- 5th grade cove sign is still not installed, do we know where it is? Need to follow up with Sophie/Shelley/Pedro. 


VP of Events

Whitney Graving

2024 Fundraiser Race Update: 

Theme: 1990s 

All PTO Board Members are welcome join to discuss and help plan our fundraiser: Paige, Nicole and Whit on 

Thurs. 1/18 at 9am at:  Black Rock Coffee - 10108 E. Bell Rd. 

Can’t make it, but have ideas? Email: events@dcespto.org 

Questions for Admin/Teacher Reps: 

*How can we officially reserve the DCMS gym to hold the fundraiser? Either Thursday, March 7th or Friday, March 8th. Need to connect with middle school admin to understand availability; one day is preferable given other demands on the gym. Need to know how much time for set up also - looks like its open on the 8th but there will be sport practices the evening before (the 7th). Whitney/Nicole to provide time window to Mrs Mills/Scagnelli and cc Shelley. 

*Please create a list of monetary items you would like us to fundraise for and put into action in the 2024-2025 school year. What does the campus need (fake grass near the cafeteria)? What do teachers want or need? **We need to create achievable goals.**

Our committee wants to share with DCES families how their monetary contributions will be put to use in the upcoming school year. Please submit a list by : Friday, January 19th 

Email: whit.graving@gmail.com OR events@dcespto.org 


VP of Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Sophie Badgett

VP of Hospitality

Melanie Frisone & Casey Magargle

A Plus Committee -Breakfast/Lunch Etc…

Chili Cook Off - Jan 26. Where is the winner’s trophy?