5/8/2023 5:24 pm




Tara McConnell, Co President

April Beauboeuf, Co President

Adam Cusimano, Secretary

Lisa Lee, Treasurer

Ellen Snyder VP Special Projects/Campus Improvements

Courtney Schram, VP Communications

Melanie Frisone, VP of Hospitality

Casey Magargle, VP of Hospitality

Craig Doss, VP Technology

Mary Olley, VP of Technology

Whitney Graving, VP of Events

Colleen Love, Vice Principal

Mrs. Deacon, Teacher Representatives

Mrs Caramucci, Teacher representative



Paige Miller-Blum, site council liaison

Laura Weeshoff, VP Communications

Kimberly Mills, Principal

Nicole Carey, VP of Fundraising



Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 3:43pm by Tara McConnell



Principal Update
Mrs. Mills & Mrs. Love

  •                 Kinder Buddy Day

A portion of the $60,000 collected from the Amazing RACE has been allocated based on the success of the event.

  •                 Site Council Budget

$20,000 budget spent. (pending district approval of PO for book vending machine). Site council typically funds playground equipment, field trips, coach buses, etc.

  •                 AP hiring process
  • AP hiring process ongoing; candidate interviews occurring on 5/9.
    Second round to take place next
  •                 Summer School
  •                 Color printer installed in teacher workroom



President Update
Tara McConnell
April Beauboeuf


Lisa Lee

Chase Balance:$127,308

2 Votes Passed: Due to the increase in the number of pages we needed for the yearbook 5th grade

dedications, the book itself went up in price. Both votes passed to increase the budget by $1050.00,

bringing it to $11.050.


A motion was made to move forward with the butterbraids fundraiser in the fall. The motion passed unanimously. The cookies fundraiser option was tabled.

A motion was made to hold the Holiday Shop again next school year. The motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made to remove Paypal from the budget given the switch to Lumapay for a third party payment option. The motion was passed unanimously.

A motion was made to include pajama pants in the spirit wear option next year. The motion passed by majority.

A motion was made to increase the hospitality budget for next year to $6000 based on the increase in events and inflation of material costs. The motion passed unanimously.

A note was made regarding a request by the librarian for books in the fall; needing $3500. No vote was taken.

Scholastic BOGO Book Fair: We had a net profit of $260.35.



Site Council Update
Paige Miller-Blum


VP Communications

Courtney Schram

Laura Weeshoff

25 yr logo

Are there any teachers that volunteered for the 25 year committee? Emily and Krista will help.

Haven't received any other interest.



VP Fundraising/Sponsorships
Nicole Carey




Mrs. Deacon/Mrs. Caramucci

  •                       Mural

Funds from the Amazing Race will be contributed to the mural costs (possibly a portion of the $60,000 collected from the Amazing RACE has been allocated to pay for mural costs, based on the success of the event).

A 25th Anniversary theme was suggested for the mural with student participation in the process. (Paint by number or tiles) Discussion continued about the location of the mural and whether it would be painted directly on the building surface or have metal/wood installed to better adhere to. Ellen Snyder will reach out to mural artists for research and concepts. A committee of Ellen Snyder, Colleen Love, and Ms. Sparks was established to review the possibilities for a mural and will report back to the board.


  •                       Cool down/rainy day rooms

Discussion about items and stations for the rooms consisted of reading, !egos, and quieter items (games, crayons/pencils, and puzzles). Space will be confirmed by Mrs. Deacon and Ellen Snyder. Existing tables and chairs will stay in the room. Discussion continued about the potential for more movement class rotation in the room(s) to ensure more opportunity.

  •                       Teacher anniversary committee interest
  • ·                       Exceptional PTO Budget Requests: 

Motion was made to utilize PTO budget to fund both Athletes in Training and the Be Kind program for 2023. The motion for AIT passed unanimously; the motion for Be Kind passed by majority in favor. The PTO was asked to pick up these costs so that the school funds could pay for the on-site social worker (Mrs Loiacono). Note: the district has since been able to pick up costs for school social workers.

  •                       Summer clean up event
  •                       Containers request for preschool/prek
  •                       Motion was made to approve $400 expense. Motion was approved by majority vote.
  •                       Gifted Budget

Motion was made for $400 budget for books (teacher classroom materials request). There was no vote and the motion was tabled. April Beauboeuf is following up with the district gifted coordinator to get clarity; Tara McConnell also proposed reaching out to the teacher in question to get additional context.

VP Technology

Mary alley
Craig Doss

  •       Working on login for hospitality account
  •       Working with GoDaddy on logins



VP of Events

Whitney Graving

Fiesta Update: Update on Fiesta (45 tickets sold as of Saturday), silent auction and raffle. $40/person

Raffle Baskets Made!!

Silent Auction: adding Nothing Bundt Cakes. May extend based on upcoming May 14th end date.


Events Calendar


Major Events and their months:


Meet the teacher

Boohoo Yahoo

Welcome Back at Peter Piper

Curriculum Night


Back to School Bash - 90s theme for 25 year anniversary


Birthday Book Club

Book Fair

Pickle Ball Tournament?


(School has Veteran's Assembly and Turkey Trot) Amazing Race or Tax Credit Fundraiser Carnival or Pickle Tourn?


Chili Cook off?

Pickle Ball Tournament?


Late jan - AR kick off? Or tax credit fundraiser

Fun Run? 25 year anniversary


Amazing Race days - mid feb?

(want space between AR and tax credit fundraiser and field day)


(School has Field Day)

Pickle ball tourn? Or Fun Run?


Kentucky Derby Gala

(Fine Art night) / 1 night of BOGO




VP of Special Projects/ Campus Improvements 

Ellen Snyder


  •       No update


VP of Hospitality

Melanie Frisone/ Casey Magargle


  •       No Update