4/10/2023 5:22 pm

New Board/Old Board



Katie Makelele, Co President

Tara McConnell, Co President 

April Beaubouef, Co President

Kelley Karvandi, Secretary

Adam Cusimano, Secretary

Lisa Lee, Treasurer

Alicia Haygood, VP of Fundraising

Nicole Carey, VP of Fundraising

Ellen Snyder, VP Communications and VP Special Projects/Campus Improvements

Paige Miller-Blum, VP Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Courtney Schram, VP Communications

Laura Weeshoff, VP Communiciations

Melanie Frisone, VP of Hospitality

Casey Magargle, VP of Hospitality

Craig Doss, VP Technology

Mary Olley, VP of Technology

Nicky Doss, VP of Special Projects and Campus Improvements

Alexis Wolf, VP of Events

Whitney Graving, VP of Events

Kimberly Mills, Principal

Colleen Love, Vice Principal

Mrs. Deacon, Teacher Representatives

Mrs Caramucci, Teacher representative

Shelley Gilbert, administrative assistant



Kelley Karvandi, Secretary

Nicky Doss, VP of Special Projects and Campus Improvements

Beth Beyer Williams, VP Communications

Emily Chin, VP of Events

Maria Bispen, VP of Events

Alice Hsieh, Mandarin Rep

Principal Update 

Mrs. Mills & Mrs. Love


Current kinder enrollment: 37 +3 in process

Flyers for kinder enrollment are being made we are encouraging students to enroll by the end of April so they may attend kinder buddy day on May 5th

Events: fine arts festival, Mandarin naming ceremony

Congratulations to Mrs Love, our Assistant Principal, will be taking a job as principal in Tempe in the fall - a committee will be formed to find a replacement and instructions for those that would like to be on the committee will be in Mrs Mills’ Friday email

There will also be a committee for the basketball court improvements and instructions for those will also be in Mrs Mills Friday email

ASU STEM Lab coming to Mrs Martens’ 5th grade classes on April 21, 24 and 25

Science Center on Wheels will be coming to preschool classes in April


President Update

Katie Makelele

Tara McConnell

April Beauboeuf


Welcome new board! Introductions


Presentation from Butter Braids/Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough fundraiser:

40% goes back to organization and representatives deliver and help with distribution


Lisa Lee


Chase Account Balance: $138,014.79


Need to vote: 


  • Ice Machine Quote $3700 Voted YES to adding to Campus Improvements budget to cover quote provided by Ms Gilbert - covers ice machine and installation


  • Mandarin Naming Ceremony: Ms Chen would like to have a budget to spend on balloons and certificates/holders for the 1st grade naming ceremony of $230 - Therefore we are short and would like to add $220.00 to the budget. Voted YES to add $220 to Mandarin School Events budget to cover needs for naming ceremony


  • 5th grade celebration committee would like to increase their budget by $300 to cover the increased prices on pizza and items for the 5th grade celebration. Current budget is $1,000. Voted YES to increasing budget for 5th grade celebration by $300 to cover increased cost and pizza


  • Tina Chu would like to purchase a new hose, 2 hose reels and a compost tumbler bin, compost starter, and topsoil for a total of $290.00. These items will bring her over the garden budget by $137.00. So we are voting to add an additional $150 to the garden budget. Voted YES to increasing garden club budget by $150 to cover additional expenses


Mrs. Deacon/Mrs. Caramucci

  1. Mural Ellen will connect with Mrs Sparks on supplies
  2. Teacher experiences for auction Going to hold off on this year
  3. Cool down/rainy day rooms 
  4. Library ceiling boards fundraiser Ellen is reaching out to Ms Merritt to see if we can start this in the indoor recess space
  5. Color printer and ice machine - arrival dates/installation in progress via Ms Gilbert
  6. PTO spirit wear - pajamas
  7. Communication teacher reps are requesting all PTO emails cc admin
  8. PTO/school event conflicts Art Walk cannot have food indoors or balloons near presentations
  9. Fine Arts teachers’ requests
  10. Amazing Race popcorn parties Being planned by AR team - waiting for dates

VP of Events

Alexis Wolf, Maria Bispen, Emily Chin

Whitney Graving


Fiesta night plans 

Auction items Alicia offered items from canceled golf tournament - Octane, teeth whitening & Mavrix


Timeline for Major events for next year. Admin calendar will be complete by May 15. Presidents and VP Events will meet with admin to set up next year’s calendar at that time

Pickle ball tournament?


VP of Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Nicole Doss & Paige Miller-Blum

Ellen Snyder


Site Council Update

Paige Miller-Blum


VP of Hospitality

Melanie Frisone & Casey Magargle

TAW: May 8 - 12  Theme:  DCES in *********

Classroom info to go out to Room Parent Coordinator week of April 17th 

VP of Communications

Beth Beyer Williams & Ellen Snyder

Courtney Schram & Laura Weeshoff


VP of Fundraising

Alicia Haygood
Nicole Carey

VP of Technology

Mary Olley

Craig Doss