1/17/2023 1:34 pm




Katie Makelele, Co President

Tara McConnell, Co President 

Kelley Karvandi, Secretary

Lisa Lee, Treasurer

Alicia Haygood, VP of Fundraising

Ellen Snyder, VP Communications

Paige Miller-Blum, VP Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Emily Chin, VP of Events

Melanie Frisone, VP of Hospitality

Casey Magargle, VP of Hospitality

Kimberly Mills, Principal

Mrs. Caramucci, Teacher Representatives



Mary Olley, VP of Technology

Beth Beyer Williams, VP Communications

Nicky Doss, VP of Special Projects and Campus Improvements

Alexis Wolf, VP of Events

Maria Bispen, VP of Events

Alice Hsieh, Mandarin Rep

Colleen Love, Vice Principal

Mrs. Deacon, Teacher Representatives

Principal Update 

Mrs. Mills & Mrs. Love


We got new signage for the office - our mission, ROAR in Mandarin, and the mascot

For ROAR we will take photos with the new signage & change it out

Officer Para asked PTO to pay for tourniquets - he went to a training called “stop the bleed”

Mrs. Mills & Mrs. Love are teaching BeeKind in classrooms if requested by teachers

This month in “bee supportive” they will learn a new dance

5th grade bricks are still on the list of things to do, PTO would need to maintain them moving forward. Nicky and Paige can connect with Mrs. Mills to do that.

Mrs. Love met with Alex from SPD and she got back to us with pricing for helping hosting activities during recess. 1coach- $33/hr, 2 coaches- $25/hr, 3 coaches- $23/hr. Mrs. Love will look at the options when she gets the full quote and all package details.

Mrs. Mills is still working on the ballcourt. She is waiting to get a meeting with the director. We are looking at summertime for the enclosed court to be completed. The courts will be temporarily be closed on Thursday so they can paint lines on the court.

Site Council approved the book vending machine - will continue to look at what works best and where it will go so that the custom wrap will be visible. 

Ice vending machine- Maintenance came out and we can’t put it in the teacher workroom but there is a place in the cafeteria if that works for the teachers. We are waiting to hear back from maintenance if it is cheaper to order it through them or have the PTO gift it. We won’t need to pay pay for an electrician or plumber if it is placed in the kitchen.

Teacher Lounge: talks about taking out the PE storage & putting a teacher lounge in there.

The district is looking into the possibility of supporting Mandarin teachers who may need help with immigration status


President Update

Katie Makelele

Tara McConnell



Mastic Tree is up!

Holiday Shop was a success! We had a sales total of $9,063. We will keep $1812.60, which is 20% of the total sales.


Chinese New Year

From Alice Hsieh (she sent an email w/ cost of envelopes, oranges, coins. Mandarin Rep: Mrs. Chen needs 600 oranges on Wednesday 1/18. I was able to get a quote from one of the orange farms in Mesa, but I personally will not be able to pick up the oranges and drop them off on 1/18. To ensure the freshness of the oranges, the farm does not recommend picking them up on the weekend prior. There will be about 6 boxes of oranges so a SUV should work.Lisa said she can pick them up, Tara will be her backup.


Can someone take ownership of getting sashes for the 5th graders? 

See how it goes without the dragon. Mrs. Chen said we need a quality dragon w/o wires on the inside. Paige will ask DC ranch where they got their grinch costume, maybe the same company could supply a new mascot.


Flexible seating 

Orders complete/ delivered for McCrensky, Tipton, Deacon, Bauer, Slon, Recciutio
Orders placed/ delivery scheduled for this week for Manecke, Goetz


2 of the items Huang asked for had long shipping windows that extended into break so I will place those orders during break so they arrive in January


Both Huang and Kohli asked for chairs that are $95 each (between the two of them they’d like 9) but the shipping is $553 plus a cost for a liftgate so the delivery is brought to ground level. Otherwise we need to remove it from the back of a semi (how it is typically shipped, per the website). Kohli was not able to locate an alternate items so would like to return the wobble stools she ordered so she can put that money towards shipping costs ($372). We wanted to discuss this at the board meeting.

Orders are complete for 6 teachers and 2 complete this week.

Tell Ms. Kohli to keep the stools. We will wait and see if Alicia can get stools at a similar price, otherwise we will approve the shipping.

Next Year we will state that the stools stay at the school.


Alicia has contacted a company that can purchase the rocking chairs and will follow up with a quote


Scholastic dollars

Vote on Scholastic dollars for library and per teacher

Vote: $1,000 to library and $150/teacher  - voted YES

We currently have 7300 - we gave the library 1000 last year and offered each teacher 150

We would like to save some to stock the book vending machine 

Ask about cost of scholastic shipping

Amazing Race kicks off 2/3/23 - Race days 2/23 (K-2) and 2/24 (3-5)

They will go to cafeteria and get kids amped. Theme is Race to Space and each race is planet themed.



Teacher basket raffle

Chili cook off

Chinese New Year


Lisa Lee


VOTE: Expansion of budget for garbage cans (garbage can quote for 5 is $2100


Unanimous vote YES for addition of $2100 to line item: campus improvements to buy garbage cans


VOTE: addition of bucket for $200 for blank hang tags for car pickup line - so that we can get these on an ongoing basis (verify what we need: hang tags vs card stock for visors and how many) - next year we will order them over the summer


Unanimous vote YES for addition of new ongoing line item - parent category: student/family line item: car line signs amount $200


VOTE: increase budget of holiday fund from $2000 to $7800 to balance the portion we owe back to the company for sales.


Unanimous vote YES for budget expansion for holiday shop changing from $2000 to $7800


Unanimous vote YES for gifting workroom printer budget of $2750 (for printer and 2 quarters - 1 per quarter - print cartridges) and vote YES for ongoing budget of $3000 per year to cover 1 of each print cartridge per quarter

Lisa will set up gifting the amounts with Mrs Mills


Chase account balance: $103,996.00


Paypal balance: $3,637.74


Mrs. Deacon

Mrs. Caramucci


Q: can we encourage teachers and staff to sign up for our newsletter this year? Ellen does a great job of keeping it concise and teachers are the T in PTO. It’s an important connection. 


Mrs Caramucci will communicate this to staff and Mrs Mills will support it in her staff newsletter as well


  • Ice machine
  • Color printer 

Color printers are no longer supported by district and the one in the workroom is not in good shape. Can PTO buy 1 new printer for the workroom for $944.06 and print cartridges on an ongoing basis? Costs are as follows:

Printer: $944.06

Black print cartridge: $140

Magenta print cartridge: $198

Cyan print cartridge: $198

Yellow print cartridge: $198


  • Wednesday - snack thank yous

Casey and Melanie will make sure it’s ok to share email addresses with Mrs Caramucci to share with teachers from the sign-up genius and Casey will reach out to Mary to change wording or have families who donate to teacher treats opt-in to sharing their email address with teachers

  • Allergy info - 2 gluten free, 4 vegetarian, 1 vegan 

Not sure we got staff too - changed to 5 vegetarian - will be labeled by name rather than option


  • Holiday shop feedback

Positive feedback:


  • The tie in with math and budgeting
  • Parent volunteers
  • Preschool and kinder had 1:1 volunteer ratios - going forward this was good!


Improvement feedback:


  • Can we have a price sheet for planning budgets?
  • Can the store be set up by recipient?
  • Can we use recess time instead of instruction time?
  • Time needed to shop is 1 hour even with looking ahead of time



    • Amazing Race 


  • Can teachers have one location to collect prizes instead of having them delivered to the classroom at the end?
  • Almost all teachers said yes to lunch with a student being a prize
  • Can Barnes & Noble gift cards be a prize?
  • Other ideas for prizes: music at lunch, additional recess
  • Classes need 60 minutes to complete their amazing race on race day not 45


  • Air purifier update from PTO - 3 teachers are interested 

Tara will reach out to the parent who made the suggestion to let them know

VP of Events

Alexis Wolf, Maria Bispen, Emily Chin


Golf tournament update

Emily and her golf team are meeting with Gainey Ranch on Friday to see if they are a workable option in rescheduling the golf tournament. MMR has been agreed upon as no longer a viable option after they canceled the tournament on short notice.

About half of the purchases have asked for refunds and the other half are awaiting the reschedule date

VP of Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Nicole Doss & Paige Miller-Blum


5th grade bricks will need a budget increase this year to pay for someone to install them as the district will no longer do this for us


Campus Improvements will connect with Mrs Mills regarding vendors to get a quote for the cost to add this to the 5th grade brick budget this year and on an ongoing basis


Stop the bleed: we need a quote from officer Pera, but he has requested tourniquet kits for each classroom


Officer Pera has a quote of $22 per classroom but we are waiting for additional information from Mrs Mills


Ice maker stand alone has a location now in the cafeteria


We can either gift the ice machine or gift the amount to the school for the ice machine based on a quote that Mrs Mills will give to us



Site Council Update

Paige Miller-Blum

VP of Hospitality

Collected 65 Thanksgiving Pies for Teachers & Staff

19 Baskets for Holiday Raffle 

Jersey Mike Lunch for Teachers & Staff on 12/14 from the Hotchkiss Family

Bag of Cookies Donated by the Malchow Family for every teacher & staff

Chili Cook Off on January 6th (last time was in 2019)

Morning Treat for the Teachers on January 3rd


Also, Maldonado family is buying lunch for elementary AND middle school staff on this Friday


Melanie Frisone & Casey Magargle

VP of Communications

Beth Beyer Williams & Ellen Snyder



VP of Fundraising

Alicia Haygood

Alicia has begun Facebook posts for sponsors. Presidents will ask Beth to copy wording and graphic to Insta and Ellen will include in newsletter as well


VP of Technology

Mary Olley