8/10/2022 12:48 pm




Katie Makelele, Co President

Tara McConnell, Co President 

Kelley Karvandi, Secretary

Lisa Lee, Treasurer

Alicia Haygood, VP of Fundraising

Mary Olley, VP of Technology

Beth Beyer Williams, VP Communications

Ellen Snyder, VP Communications

Nicky Doss, VP of Special Projects and Campus Improvements

Paige Miller-Blum, VP Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Alexis Wolf, VP of Events

Melissa Guy, Events

Melanie Frisone, VP of Hospitality

Casey Magargle, VP of Hospitality

Alice Hsieh, Mandarin Rep

Kimberly Mills, Principal

Colleen Love, Vice Principal

Mrs. Deacon, Teacher Representatives

Mrs. Caramucci, Teacher Representatives


Principal Update 

Mrs. Mills & Mrs. Love



  • Mrs. Mills will send out more emails to communicate about parking at north gate and not parking in fire lanes
  • Have officers give tickets


President Update

Katie Makelele

Tara McConnell


Meet the Teacher

    • Feedback from parents?
    • Ideas for next year?


  • Need some signage/poster boards saying where classrooms are and signage directing people to the cafeteria. Consider getting permanent signage to re-use. Yard signs, A-frame signs, or use the back of DCES yard signs and hold in place with zip ties.


Should we get a PTO zoom account? $150/year 


  • Voted YES 8/8/22



Curriculum Night August 9 

  • PTO info session 5-5:30pm
  • PTO Presidents will be answering questions from parents in between sessions if anybody wants to join us


Would one of us like to take the “parent at large” position on site council so that we can connect communication between site council and PTO?

New families 

  • Play date Saturday August 27 830-10 at the 105th park
  • Mrs. Mills will follow up after day10 for complete list of new families


Teachers have been asked for input regarding Artist in Residency and Art Masterpiece. Mrs. Mills will let us know if teachers would like to participate in these programs. We already have a volunteer to assist if the programs are approved.



  • 3-5 Grade Teachers said no to Art Masterpiece
  • K-1 Grade Teachers said yes to Art Masterpiece



Feedback for PTO fundraising ideas

  • Book vending machine for library
  • New mascot costume - need a referral
  • Dragon costume
  • Parent pickup shade structure - need quote
  • Speakers/ lighting for amphitheater - need quote

Other ideas from the Board? Please share any ideas you hear from parents/ staff throughout the year


  • Trash can outside of North Gate/office (with lid)
  • Anti-choking device (Mrs. Mills/Mrs. Love checking with nurse)
  • Speakers for pick up line - Mrs. Love is ordering 2 new megaphones
  • Do teachers need alternative seating?



  • *Need to clean out PTO closet



Mrs. Deacon

Mrs. Caramucci

VP of Events

Alexis Wolf & Melissa Guy


Fall Bash


  • Amy Hardy is co-chairing Fall Bash, maybe she could do it w/ Dave and combine movie night?


VP of Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Nicole Doss & Paige Miller-Blum


Mrs. Mills checking with maintenance for pole for snakes sign in wash and to have SLOW sign placed at entrance to North gate parking lot - she has been advised where signs should be placed


More signs to order for car and bus lane


  • Maybe make them yellow? Attach to existing poles



More signs for platinum add in parking spaces (2 so far)


Update on north gate project


  • Land is City of Scottsdale - waiting to receive approved permit



Note for future events: We have a parent that can do balloons


  • Do for ROAR assemblies? 4x/year



Lisa Lee


  1. Adding $100 to Kinder Buddy Day budget for coffee and donuts at the event - APPROVED BY EMAIL VOTE 5/11/22
  2. Adding $200 to technology bucket for color ink cartridge for teacher workroom printer - APPROVED BY EMAIL VOTE 5/11/22
  1. Vote on 22-23 spending Budget for Staff t-shirts of $1150 (so that these can be ready before school starts) - APPROVED BY EMAIL VOTE 6/22/22
  2. Last year, we spent $8332 on spiritwear and made $17,932, raising $9600 for the PTO. Vote for the 22-23 spending Budget for the year for spiritwear of $10,000 (so that we can get the ball rolling on our orders)- APPROVED BY EMAIL VOTE 6/22/22
  3. Vote on 22-23 PTO Budget - APPROVED BY EMAIL VOTE 7/28/22
  4. Chase checking account balance: $87,487.24
  5. Paypal Balance: $2,257.71
  6. Spiritwear Sales from Meet the Teacher Night: $5291.00




VP of Hospitality

Melanie Frisone & Casey Magargle


  • Include in email that teacher treats can be sponsored if people don’t want to buy the treats




VP of Communications

Beth Beyer Williams & Ellen Snyder


  • 1) At the end of the school year, we were looking for a co-VP communications and Ellen Snyder volunteered to help Beth. So a vote to officially have Ellen be co-VP communications. APPROVED BY EMAIL VOTE 6/22/22


VP of Fundraising

Alicia Haygood

  • Lou Malnati’s reached out for Family Nights Events
    Cafe Au Plait wants to do a Coffee event i.e. Coffee with the Principal or something
    Communications needs to know which sponsors get FB/Email posts and how many


VP of Technology

Mary Olley


  1. Submit the ticket to have the contacts uploaded. Duplicates are skipped and any new student is uploaded as outdated initially with permission to publish in the directory set to NO.
  2. Store is online. Any shirts (except the crop) sold out of existing inventory will be converted to backorder. End day for backorder is set to Aug 14, please let me know if there needs to be an extension to this date.
  3. Mary and Criag will be working together to keep the website/app updated. We welcome any suggestions to make the site/app more useful for parents. We have a question as to what we can post with regard to after school programs from outside vendors and sports teams. We are concerned that it might conflict with the sponsorship program.
  4. Dave is working on the google office space migration to handle the PTO email and create official drive space to store PTO files for easy transition in the future. He is waiting for an OK from the board to start the process in case there are temporary glitches in email due to unforeseen technical difficulties.



  • New Families Guide on website needs to be updated and sent to Mrs. Mills for review before being updated