4/10/2022 12:45 pm




Katie Makelele, Co President Outgoing

Tara McConnell, Co President Incoming 

Laura Weeshoff, Outgoing President

Marissa Anderson, Outgoing Secretary

Kelley karvandi, Incoming Secretary

Lisa Lee, Incoming Treasurer

Alicia Haygood, VP of Fundraising

Dave McCuistion, Outgoing VP of Technology

Craig Doss, Incoming VP of Technology

Krista Kotsovos, Outgoing VP of Special Projects and Campus Improvements

Nicole Doss, Incoming VP of Special Projects and Campus Improvements

Dina Engler, Outgoing VP of Events

Renee Johnson, Incoming VP of Events

Melanie Frisone, VP of Hospitality

Holly Hooley, Teacher Representative

Jamie McCrensky, Teacher Representative 

Kimberly Mills, Principal



THANK YOU to the 2021 - 2022 PTO Executive Board and 

WELCOME to the 2022 - 2023 PTO Executive Board!


Co-President (outgoing)

Katie Makelele

Co-President (incoming)

Tara McConnell


Kelley Karvandi

VP Treasurer/ Finance

Lisa Lee

VP Fundraising

Alicia Haygood

VP Technology

Mary Olley

VP Technology

Craig Doss

VP Communications

Beth Beyer Williams

VP Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Nicole Doss

VP Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Paige Miller-Blum

VP Events

Renee Johnson

VP Events

Alexis Wolf

VP Hospitality

Melanie Frisone

VP Hospitality

Casey Magargle

Principal Update 

Mrs. Mills & Mrs. Love

  • Shade structure at north gate is with the City of Scottsdale permitting
  • Enrollment is at 528 and Kindergarten is filling up
  •  State testing is going on this week and next week.  


President Update

Outgoing Laura Weeshoff

Remaining Katie Makelele

Incoming Tara McConnell


  • Board vote - additional funds for Art Room/ Mrs. Sparks $160.  All present vote, “yes.”
  • Chair appointments will go out following this meeting, please give non board members a chance to sign up
  • Reach out to Beth about Amazon Smile and Box Tops.  Tutorial on how to use Amazon Smile would be helpful to parents.



  • Fiesta Update.  Lots of donations coming in.  Donations accepted for teacher and staff tickets.  Teacher and staff price is $25.  
  • Discuss moving movie night on campus to April 29 to coincide with the last day of the Spring Book Fair
  • Discuss moving movie night to Fall next year (earlier sunset)
  • Would dance move to Spring if movie night moved to Fall?
  • Combine golf and auction next year as we have in the past?
  • Thoughts on a casino night?
  • Do we keep Carnival in January?


  • Thank you to PTO for dinner on conference night
  • Chargers are paid for by PTO and we are waiting on them to arrive
  • Teachers would like a new color printer if possible in next year’s PTO budget.  Need to goth through IT for quote
  • Tree in 5th grade cove approved and complete on PTO end.

VP of Special Projects/ Campus Improvements

Outgoing Krista Kotsovos & Brena Courtad

Incoming Nicole Doss & Paige Miller-Blum


Shade/sidewalk expansion for entrance

Here are the latest City of Scottsdale civil engineer plans for the entrance:


Here is a quote for shade on the playground should we choose to purchase artificial turf for that area: bottom line the estimate is $65k for shade on the primary playground -that would be in addition to artificial turf costs


Other legacy spending area ideas: 

  • Lighting for amphitheater-need to get contacts for district approved lighting to get  quotes
  • Entrance signage once entrance project is complete
  • Create pony walls to enclose upper class playground and provide seating for south gate/bus students
  • Create a pony wall along the outer edge of the sidewalk along the basketball court to promote improved water runoff and to block balls from falling into the wash area there
  • Foam wrapping around poles on grades 2-5 playground.  Get quote when vendor is out for repairs on poles in K-1 playground.  Email to Shannong and cc Mrs. Mills about getting estimate at this time.

Possible District funded items

  • Shade over basketball court
  • Suggestion: is it possible for the district to plant the dichondra repens for the area that faces the amphitheater? The cost is low to try this first - would fund it but then PTO would be responsible for maintaining - I would suggest the district pay for the planting of this and we see how it works out - if not we can go with the pricier option of artificial turf but we would likely also need to provide a shade structure over - we could likely do the pavers look we initially thought of with the dichondra if it takes off



Outgoing Tara McConnell

Incoming Lisa Lee


​​Current Bank balance: $93,073.96

Current PayPal balance: $1000


Recent Budget Items:



Income Budget

Income Actual

Expense Budget

Expense Actual

Actual Net

Remaining Budget

Amazing Race




$4,620.67 (11%)



Brick Club







Box Tops







Family Fun Nights







Hospitality (General)







Hospitality (teacher treats)














Paypal Fees







-ACTIONABLE ITEM: $100 was approved via email for the Fun Run. I pulled a $100 cash bank which will go back to the fun run fund and Marissa thinks she spent more than $100. We made $56 dollars on donuts, water, and gatorade. Vote to make the fun run income goal $150 (to cover cash bank redeposit and funds raised) and $250 ($150 increase) spending budget to include cash bank and anything Marissa bought. APPROVED by all present.

-ACTIONABLE ITEM: The total for the mastic tree was $1068. This is more than the campus improvements bucket of $1000. This is more of a legacy spending item. Vote to add $1100 to the legacy spending budget instead of expanding the campus improvements bucket to cover this cost. APPROVED by all present.

-ACTIONABLE ITEM: Paypal fees went over budget (due to Amazing Race doing so well). Vote to add $300 to change PayPal fee bucket from $2500 to $2800 APPROVED by all present.

-ACTIONABLE ITEM: $160 to art fund teacher reimbursements APPROVED by all present.

-ACTIONABLE ITEM: $1100 from $0 to 5th grade celebration and going forward so that all students benefit eventually from this budget.  Approved by all present.  


Note: We approved $3000 to be added to the technology bucket to cover chargers back in January via email. I couldn’t find this in meeting minutes so noting approval here. Also, we don’t have updated meeting minutes on our website since August

VP of Hospitality

Remaining Melanie Frisone & Caroline Margargle


April 27 Admin Day Lunch 

May 2-6 Teacher Appreciation Week, Theme: Willy Wonka - The Golden Ticket to School

May 6 Nurses Day Lunch

May 26 Teacher Breakfast


5th Grade Bricks:

22 Ordered- (earned $1100, cost $418 = $682)

Shipping date May 4th 


5th Grade Celebration:

Theme: Camp Cubby

DJ: $300

Photo Booth: $435 (photos given as souvenirs)

Cupcakes $45

Pizza $160

Drinks $24

Decorations $40

Games $25

Total:  $1029 

(Parents paid for 5th grade t-shirts earlier in year) 

We will raffle off the scholastic books during the celebration 

Graduation information will go out after testing is complete.