3/12/2022 12:45 pm




Katie Makelele: Incoming President

Laura Wheeshoff: Outgoing President

Tara  McConnel: Treasurer
Marissa Anderson: Secretary 

Kimberly Mills: Principal

Colleen Love: Assistant Principal

Krista Kotsovos: VP Campus Improvements 

Alicia Haygood: VP Communications 

Holly Hooley: Faculty

Jamie McCrensky: Faculty

Melanie Frisone: VP Hospitality

Caroline Margargle: VP Hospitality

Renee Johnson: Adults’ night out

Mary Olley: VP of Technology 



Amazing Race - raised $40k again!!  


Principal Update

  • Shade structure, waiting on civil engineer plans, then will submit to city, then city will get permits approved.  
  • Mr. Robinson Charros Teacher of the year!
  • In person kinder round up this week.


President Update

Mrs. Mills will ask teachers again this week whether they are comfortable with indoor volunteers. Decision will be made by grade level


Kinder Buddy Day may be in person - Mrs. Mills will be discussing with Kinder teachers


Community Service Project - picking up trash.  


Campus Improvements

Shade/ benches/ sidewalk at North Gate - being reviewed by a civil engineer/ contractor, plans then need to be approved by the city. We will share the drawing with parents and teachers once the engineer finishes it. We are hoping to have this project completed before the next school year begins.


Shade structure over basketball courts still pending - someone from the district came out to assess


District is not looking at updating the playgrounds


Area between Music and Nurses Rooms could use an update. Artificial turf is typically under warranty; any landscaping or gardening PTO plants or pays for will be maintained by PTO

Garden Club - could increase to 2 volunteers if Tina wants/ needs them.  Possibly divide 3 hour slot into 2 x 1.5 hour slots.


Send out survey to parents, and teacher reps will as well, to get feedback on the years events. Going forward we can consider sending surveys after each event for immediate feedback.


Tentative new board

Will send out link to vote this week



We do still need volunteers for vp of technology - we could leave those blank to remind people they are still needed


Teachers - Mrs. Hooley


VP events:

  • Fun run update:  Facilities request submitted, we  will be running a mile on campus.  8:30 start.  Selling Krispy Kreme donuts.   Mrs. Leopold  put a google form together for people to sign up.   
  • Adults’ Night Out  We have secured the wandering donkey and it is $20 for a meal and one drink. All drinks after that are cash bar. Tickets $45-$50. We are also underway with gathering donation items for the auction. We still have a lot of work to do but so far we have some nice big ticket items and several smaller items. 

*** If anybody is able to donate a service or has any friends or contacts with local places that would donate a service or product, please let either Renee or Dina know. Will also auction off school experiences like the marquee or morning announcements.  They  

would love to get help with securing auction items from anybody who is able. 

  • Movie night 


VP of special projects/campus improvements:


  • Next year initial focus should be on maintenance - repainting mural, re doing or repainting wooden flowers in coves
  • Makerspace day plan (permission slips, reserve library, probably on early release day)
  • Amazing celebrations for classrooms approval 



Amazing Race raised $40,317.75!!!

Great job, Krista!!!

For perspective, this is about twice what we were raising before Krista started doing Amazing Race. We usually spend about 15% of what we make on the race. I don't have all the numbers spent on this year's race yet. We may have gone over budget at least in part because we made more than our $30,000 goal. I will email for a vote to expand the budget if that's the case.

















Vote for shelving units in the PTO room.  $1000 approved by everyone present.


VP of Hospitality

5th grade bricks deadline March 15.