2/12/2022 12:45 pm


Parents’ Night Out :  April 22 

At wandering donkey $50 a ticket , $45 ahead of time, 



Carnival: $6,647 

Chinese New Year 

Next year: We will offer Chinese new year t-shirt to all teachers.

Sell t-shirts at the event, consider ordering 10% extra with all spiritwear. 

Also have hospitality provide New Years lunch and make sure PTO Presidents are 

aware of hospitality meals/lunches planned


Principal Updates:

PTO Calendar 


Charros is same day as parent night out


3 volunteers per class during field day March 4.   PTO responsible for securing volunteers.  Parents need to reach out to Sharon and cc Mrs. Mils if they have submitted volunteer packet but not heard back.


Trimming sidewalks


Working on schedule for shade structure and concrete.  Greg is working with the city.  We do not have a time for completion yet.


PTO calendar for admin by June/July with events, including family nights.

President Updates:


-Beth is helping in the front office including with social media!

-District offered to pay for basketball shade structure


1) sustainability - we will be having a grad student from ASU speak at our march general meeting on sustainability

- they have given us oodles of goodies as well - to do sustainability projects at school, which are essentially STEM projects, 

- were wondering a good time for this - potentially May when testing is done? 

- Mrs. Mills is working with ASU to find a time for them to come out and do the Mobile Stem Lab at school this year or next year.  This is Dr. Menzel’s project.   PTO will speak with our contact at ASU to determine if these are the same projects.

2) Playground helpers are not needed this year.  


3) vote in March re: board - one per family- we can put name and email on the form; April is transition/training, May is new board; We will send out chair positions once board is finalized; **needs to be filled


**President (Incoming; 2 year term)


VP of Communications 

VP of Events 

**VP of Finance / Treasurer

**VP of Fundraising

VP of Hospitality 

**VP of Special Projects (and Campus Improvements)

VP of Technology (App and Website) 


4) Birthday Book Club / Book Fair - consider having books donated to library next year; 

look at new vendor for book fair; we have added $175 for the librarian for anything from scholastic and this may be adjusted.  

We may consider a different book supplier for higher quality library books.

Possibly giving books to outgoing 5th graders and incoming Kinder


5) AEL  - Aggregate Expenditure Limit, state legislature must act by 3-1 or SUSD will be unable to spend 27 million dollars of its budget


Link to chaparral pto site for example of how to contact legislature for funding deadline.  We can also post the district fact page.

6) Lisa Burke and Alison Stein are our community outreach - they work with Luz. 

Luz is organizing specific items for our Refugees so keep an eye out for their posts/emails

And of course she has an office here for anyone in need in the community


VP Events:


1) Fun run suggested by our running club teachers. Tentatively: April 3 at 9am.  Marissa will chair and work with Mrs. Leopold and Miss Tipton.


2) Amazing Race update



Vote for $150 to technology budget for black print cartridge for work room.  Approved by everyone present.  


Chase balance: $64,484.44

PayPal balance: $1,283.53


Carnival numbers:



            Income: $14,489.56

     NET: $6,647.39


Vote to give preschool/prek shared $100 grade level funds this year.  Approved.

Slon will continue to get $500 per year.



February 14th - special teacher treat morning


5th Grade Committee:

T-shirts will be in within the next couple of weeks

5th grade bricks deadline is March 15th


Chargers: Fund approved but determining if we can order them from cheaper supplier. SUSD IT wants them from a specific supplier. $2914 for 80 chargers.  


Campus Improvements: