1/12/2022 12:45 pm



Laura Weeshoff - Outgoing President

Katie Makelele - Incoming President

Kim Mills - Principal

Colleen Costello - Vice Principal

Tara McConnell - Treasurer

Marissa Anderson - Secretary

Holly Hooley - VP of Faculty

Jamie McCrensky - VP of Faculty

Krista Kotsovos - VP of Special Projects / Campus Improvements 

Mary Olley - VP of Technology

Beth Williams - VP of Communications 

Alicia Haygood - VP of Communications

Melanie Frisone - VP of Hospitality

Brenda Courtad - VP of Special Projects / Campus Improvements

Rene Johnson

Caroline Magargle


Principal Updates


Two teachers: Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Sparks re-certified for NBC!!!

North Gate Canopy is up

Fifth grade and Mrs. Sparks have drinking fountains up/functioning

January 25th meeting of SUSD board - for approval of shade/sidewalk


Are on campus tours occurring right now for prospective families - Wednesdays outside of school hours;  Tina can tend to the garden; Tara can do chalkboard




PTO General Meeting to follow this meeting



Carnival 1/21/22

Confirmed pre planned events are ok as long as mitigation strategies are promoted (hand sanitizers at each station, encourage distance while in line, encourage masks, limit number allowed in bounce houses) 


Birthday Book Club

Lisa will coordinate with the library to allow students to pick out their own books. Other items delivered to students in classroom


Chinese New Year classroom parties

No visitors or volunteers allowed at this time


Chinese New Year Celebration 2/4/22

Pre-planned and outside so ok at this time

We have a food truck and dragon ready for 5pm - so advertise start time as 4:45pm


Election: Our Community Engagement committee will create a google form for those interested in positions for next year, including: Name, grades of children, position they are interested in for next year and why, backup position they are interested in.  If Election is March I think we need to get going on getting our nominations and interested parents. 


Book Fair - gifted funds - $175 to teachers, 11 have finalized their orders / spent almost $1900 and Emily is following up with the others. 

VP Special Projects


Teachers prioritized outdoor shade and additional funding for a part time aide for oversized classrooms.  All teachers who responded wanted more shade, half of teachers who responded wanted part time aide.


Krista and Brenda met this morning to discuss shade and playground options


Tree for 5th grade - Brenda will get quote and turn it into Sharon


Permanent signs for bus lane, pick up/ drop off lane etc. before August; district may place them



VP Treasurer


  • Raised $65k year to date
  • Banking balances
    • Chase $50,827.93
    • PayPal $2,542.52
  • PTO Votes from email: YES to Slon room parent funds +$180
  • History of spending for aides

    21/22 ($13,463)

    Computer lab



    21/22 ($13,463)




    20/21 ($27,625)




    20/21 ($27,625)

    Reading intervention


    Now paid from results based funding

    20/21 ($27,625)

    Front desk


    Now paid by school

    19/20 ($21,532)

    Computer lab



    19/20 ($21,532)

    2nd computer lab



    19/20 ($21,532)

    Reading intervention


    Now paid by school

    19/20 ($21,532)





VP Events

  • Carnival: 1/22
    • ​​On track with vendors & food
    • —Organized the booth props last week and found the leftover prizes in the PTO closet so we’re in good shape
    • —We have 2 sponsors so far for our sponsor booths (Mattisinko & Firemark)
    • —No raffle
    • —Volunteers- sent out sign ups this week - need to advertise this big time
    • —Need to send lots of reminders to pre purchase wristbands/tickets - buy early to avoid the lines!
    • —Need overall help promoting carnival - social media, emails, texts.  We can hang flyers on campus and will send another flyer
  • Family Fun Night: Papa Johns 1/29
  • Gala: Need to pinpoint a day for the gala/auction since the original discussed date of 4/15 doesn’t work.  Committee to be organized to help with event.  New date 4/22
  • Amazing Race:  Krista would like a committee to help. Kick off/soft launch at Chinese New Year


VP Technology

  • Update date of Chinese New Year on website with info; Update new chair of Gala  - Renee Johnson
  • Update parent listings


VP Communications

  • Krista needs a committee for Amazing Race - please advertise
  • Also Gala committee 


VP Teachers

  • 3s and 4s again next year
  • Thanks from teachers for shade structures, donuts, and Mrs. Sparks Water Bottle fillers.  
  • Is it possible to replace Keurig and have additional creamers
  • Clarification needed on chargers.  Once we get a number, we will vote on it.  District is not paying for extra chargers, so PTO will need to.