10/9/2021 12:45 pm




Laura Weeshoff, Outgoing President *

Katie Makelele, Incoming President *

Tara McConnell, Treasurer *

Marissa Anderson, Secretary *

Kimberly Mills, Principal *

Colleen Costello, Assistant Principal *

Holly Hooley, Teachers Board Member *

Jamie McCrensky, Teacher Board Member

Krista Kotsovos, Co VP of Special Projects *

Brenda Courtad, Co VP of Special Projects *

Mary Olley, VP of Technology

Dave Mc, VP of Technology

Dina Engler, Co VP of Events

Kelly Brown, Co VP of Events *

Beth Williams, Co VP of Communications *

Alicia Haygood, Co VP of Communications *

Melanie Frisone, Co VP of Hospitality *

Casey McCartel, Co VP of Hospitality

Maria Aldrich, VP of Sponsorships


New families playdate was a success

This week: National Walk/Bike to school and In’n Out are WEDNESDAY


Principal Updates

  • Dr. Menzel clarified that volunteers are allowed outside.  We are opening it up to all parents that would like to volunteer and have a specific reason/event for which they are volunteering.  Volunteers must have proof of vaccination and wear a mask.  Application can be found at And then contact Kailey at
  • ROAR awards last week
  • Beautiful chalk art by Tara for walk to school
  • Naming Ceremony - Mrs. Suderman putting together a video with pictures
  • Enrollment is up 2018/19 in 400s then, 19/20 was 505; and this year at 521!!!
  • State assessment review at the governing board meeting tomorrow. Highly proficient/average growth in ELA in 2019 and again in 2021. Math Highly proficient/high growth, through Covid our school was the only one that stayed in highly proficient/high growth range. 



  • Running Club Update: Huge demand.  Approval completed through district.  PTO approved for paying for an additional teacher to supervise and for prizes/charms.  Will break it up by grade level.  
  • Gardening Update - need 1 more volunteer for tomorrow 11am - 1:30pm (lunch recess)
  • Volunteers: Volunteers on campus allowed.  Must register at  Need proof of vaccination, masked while indoors,  Mrs. Mils to determine the need for volunteers.
  • National walk/bike to school day is Wednesday and reminder this week is spirit week
  • Katie looking at a Moms night out and Dads night out for November
  • General Meeting 
    • Zoom (limited at 100 people) 
    • Discuss events, speakers, volunteering.  


VP of Events

  • Fall  Oct 22 at Paradise Park - logistics
    • Food truck, lawn games, kids must have a parent with them
  • Fall book fair 
    • Quick set-up book fair outside.  Parents are allowed to shop as they leave their conference. Will be outside, so parent volunteers can set up, take down, and work registers.  
    • Consider replacement for Pastries with Parents
    • Family Fun Nights - a lot coming up!
  • Golf Tournament - date set for Friday, Dec 3
  • Carnival 
    • Lisa is currently assigning tasks in her committee 


VP Treasurer

  • Vote to increase funds for hospitality by $400 due to specific donation vote: YES
  • Up to $300 for running club for needs vote: YES
  • Up to $450 for additional running club teacher vote: YES
  • Current Chase account: $88,500
  • Current PayPal Account: $6600
  • Budget items that were previously approved via email:
  • Technology budget:  Proposal to add $170 to the technology bucket to cover a color ink cartridge in the teachers workroom.  YES
  • Accelerated Reader budget:  Proposal to adjust the budget to cover the increased expenses for Accelerated Reader, which the PTO pays for every year. The cost will be an additional $625. (Last year this cost was $3600 so we'd like to get input on approving a new budget of $4225 for this program) YES
  • Hospitality budget: Proposal to add $100 to the Hospitality budget as a "misc. staff fund.” We'd use part of this budget immediately to recognize the 2 nurses and Mrs. Maldonado for the hard work they are doing at our school. Mrs. Mills brought this up in our meeting earlier this month and we've exchanged a lot of emails this week trying to figure out what to do and where the money should come from. Our thought is to use $60-75 for a lunch and a small plant or flowers for each of the nurses and Mrs. Maldonado as a thank you from the PTO. This would leave us a small amount in the event we needed it before the end of the school year.  YES


VP Technology

  • Should we change the website contact email to info instead of support?
  • New Shortcut: takes you to the volunteer sign ups page that also has info on the new volunteer process. Will be updated with Dr. Menzel’s new info
  • We have registered, so if typed in it will direct to the website.


VP Communications

  • Mass email going out with PTO info
  • PTO members please send photo and bio


VP Special Projects

Campus Improvements updates:

Entrance project: The district is working with the city on an IGA Intergovernmental agreement rewriting for the whole district –

  •       Is there a way to get a contact with the city of Scottsdale for a timeline for this agreement and preliminary approval
  •       Sidewalk widening – can we just move the fence to the other side of the sidewalk? That would potentially solve the issue

Painting the entrance wall –Mills to send contact info on approved painters

Parking lot:

  •       Drainage will be cleaned
  •       Fixing lines for fall break – they incorrectly added a handicapped parking spot and will be repainting lines so the parking spots will be roomier

Tree planting

  •       Greg suggested a mastic tree to replace the saguaro – Moon Valley approved vendor
  •       I have lots of info on mastic trees for teachers – it’s a magical story


  •       Carpenter at SUSD will make a border for us – will bill for time and materials

Street Signs:

  •       Maybe we name all the gates and add signs? Contest to come up with sign names?
  •       Maintenance will hang signs for auction winners
  •       Will preschool continue current dropoff procedures post covid? Seems to work well for everyone
  •       Bus Lane and Dropoff lane Signs – North Gate Parking Lot signs
  •       Revamp  the current welcome to DCES sign or make a new one? 

Maintenance throughout campus:

  •       Need to maintain butterfly garden along with garden beds, as well as 4th grade garden (Tina)
  •       Butterfly mural needs another coat of poly – Krista to lead- any volunteers to help?
  •       Wooden flowers need a refresh: Girl scouts/Boy scouts/HS volunteers?Water bottle fillers to be fixed? Ms. Sparks asked for one in PE room too. 5th grade cove isn’t working at least, mills to find vendor
  •       Printer? Not working? 


VP Hospitality

  • Lunches for nurses and Mrs. M. 


VP Teachers

  • Update on chromebook chargers for classrooms.  Need to make sure we have the correct charger, cord, and power supply and have the necessary outlet space. 
  • Thank you! for the color print cartridge!


VP Sponsorships

  • sponsor signage is being delivered tomorrow
  • Working on sponsorship help for the golf tournament/looking at discounted rates for members