PTO BOARD MEETING MINUTES - September 13, 2021

9/13/2021 12:45 pm




Laura Weeshoff, Outgoing President

Katie Makelele, Incoming President

Tara McConnell, Treasurer

Marissa Anderson, Secretary

Kimberly Mills, Principal

Colleen Costello, Assistant Principal

Holly Hooley, Teachers Board Member

Jamie McCrensky, Teacher Board Member

Krista Kotsovos, Co VP of Special Projects

Brenda Courtad, Co VP of Special Projects

Mary Olley, VP of Technology

Dina Engler, VP of Events

Alicia Haygood, Co VP of Communications

Melanie Frisone, Co VP of Hospitality

Casey McCartel, Co VP of Hospitality

Principal Updates

  • First Responders Event was a success.  First Responder guests appreciated the refreshments from hospitality. 
  • Dr. Menzel clarified that volunteers are allowed outside.  Volunteers must go through the application process.  If you are interested you should contact Kailey Brown at  Volunteers must have proof of vaccination and wear a mask.  Application can be found at



  • Survey Results:
    • 82 people responded
    • Email and Facebook are important for communication
    • Many want volunteer opportunities and social events.
    • Weekday mornings and 5:30 were evenly split for meeting times
    • Top 3 speakers were psychologist, IT, sustainability and self defense.
    • Shade for outdoor courts received the most votes for projects
    • Condense communication with one PTO/Principal email?
  • General Meeting next month! 
  • Zoom (limited at 100 people) 
    • Discuss events, speakers, volunteering
  • Family Dance/Fun Night Oct 22 at Paradise Park - logistics
    • Food truck, lawn games, kids must have a parent with them
  • New Family's Event scheduled for Oct 2 at Paradise Park


  • Technology Enrichment - thoughts on sponsoring an employee in the future?
    • Probably not enough time in the school day to pull kids for technology, most are getting typing through the one to one technology that began last year.
  • Fall book fair 
    • Quick set-up book fair outside.  Parents if allowed, or just kids with their teachers.  Will be outside, so parent volunteers can do set up, take down, and work registers.  
  • Spring book fair 
    • Probably a few days during spring conferences.
  • Boosting staff morale - ideas?
    • Gift baskets again through parent donations
    • Energy bus comments
    • Wednesday treats are appreciated by teachers


VP Treasurer

  • Working through spirit wear, if anyone has refund question, direct them to Tara.


VP Technology

  • Updating sponsors and logos.
  • Open chair positions can come down
  • Spirit wear


VP Communications

  • Mass email going out with PTO info
  • PTO members please send photo and bio


VP Special Projects

  • Parking signs ordered and will be installed
  • Mrs. Mills to include reminder about not parking in paid spots in her email


VP Hospitality

  • Work with Mrs. Mills for teacher beverage cart


VP Teachers

  • Are room parents getting email lists?
  • Teachers can forward friendship list google forms from room parent to class parents.

Items from meeting with Mrs. Mills


First Responders Assembly 9/10/21

  • Hospitality involved for food and water
  • News may be on campus
  • All reports point to this being a success!


Veteran’s Day Celebration - November 

  • Plan is for virtual celebration that will be recorded


Running Club

  • Committee has been updated
  • The field does not need to be reserved, just set up beforehand
  • Start with 2nd - 5th grade with a commitment of 4-6 weeks
  • Volunteers allowed per new outdoor volunteer guidelines (vaccinated, masked, approved through HR)
  • We will need a waiver/ permission slip to verify parents are aware of participation and so that kids see this as a commitment
  • Committee will work with Ms. Leopold on a waiver


Garden Club

  • Tina has been approved to be on campus to prep the garden to get the Club going!
  • She will set up a system to work with different grade levels during recess once she is ready


Mandarin Special

  • Currently K-3 receives Mandarin as a Special as capacity is limited


Sand in North gate parking lot

  • Mrs. Mills will work with maintenance and will discuss with Greg if not resolved


Chalkboard Frame

  • Mrs. Mills is waiting on an answer from Greg


PBIS Cub of the Quarter

  • Set for 9/29 - it will be recorded