PTO Board Meeting Minutes - May 3, 2021, 3:45pm

5/23/2021 6:36 pm

PTO Board Meeting Minutes 

May 3, 2021, 3:45pm


2020-2021 Board Attendees:

Co-Presidents: Laura Weeshoff - Kiki Dupey - Teacher Representative: Holly Hooley - Jamie McCrensky- VP Hospitality: Melanie Frisone - Michelle Wilson  - VP Finance: Tara McConnell - VP Fundraising: Maria Aldrich - VP Communications/App: Beth Williams - Alicia Haygood - Mary Olley – Dave McQuiston – VP Spring Events: Krista Kotsovos - VP Fall Events: Marissa Anderson - VP Outreach: Morgan Reader -  SOL Liaison: Laurie Jones - Mandarin Liaison: Kerry Dandan Sullivan




  • TAW is here!
  • Game night!



Principal Update:

  • Classified staff checking with HR for running club, Morgan Clark, staff for running club
  • Mr Rhodes and stugo raised funds for Foothills Animal Shelter and we will have a presentation, possible news presence


 New Business:

  • Spiritwear input - have a boys, girls and mandarin shirt
  • Calendar - February amazing race; Carnival - october
  • Kinder buddy bags ready - email went out today
  • Date of Mandarin name ceremony 
  • Parent present for fifth grade bricks ceremony. Organize with teachers
  • Started moving PTO closet
  • 8 cute little bee bags left, notepads and cell phone credit card stickers
  • Charging banks - give one to every student? 
  • To Do : Paw Partnerships and summer email


VP Spring Events : Krista Kotsovos

  • Movie night coming up! Everyone welcome to attend - Friday, May 14th will be on the field at McDowell Mountain Ranch Community Center. Movie starts at 7:45pm and people can arrive at 630/7. - flyer - Text Amanda


VP Fall Events: Marissa Anderson/Lindsey Rahaeuser

  • Trivia Night: Waiting on info from Trivia company for final details.  We made about $100 on trivia.  50/50 Raffle brought in $202.50.  We’ll know Papa Johns numbers next week.  
  • Chick Fil A.  We have about $200 from our family fun night.  Owner is looking into our food credit from last year.  
  • Rubios earned $68
  • Panera earned $63
  • Still haven’t gotten an answer from NYPD
  • Papa Johns is reliably successful.  Do we want to schedule our dates for next year?


VP Special Projects: Alyson Ashcroft/Kiki, Krista

  • Two quotes coming through for basketball courts, being vetted
  • Mural - ok to use leftover paint from exterior paint. We have to put in $ for gifting for the paint. Let Brenda know. - it needs to go to SUSD Board
  • Shade structures - should be on this board meeting for approval


Teacher Representative: Jamie McCrensky and Holly Hooley

  • What is the status of the 4th grade chalkboard - It should work for writing. PTO and teachers can use it. 
  • We have a classified employee who is interested in the running club, Morgan Clark. We are waiting to hear if she’s cleared to lead the group. Please verify with Mrs. Mills.
  • 5th Grade will have Officer Pera teach the Great Program for the 2021-2022 School Year. This is an Anti-Tobacco & Anti-Bullying Program. We are asking PTO if they would reimburse us for the purchase of 80 booklets for $50.00. - Look into site council funding.
  • The owners of Sweetwaters Coffee  & Tea Scottsdale Shops at Raintree/101. The owners are the parents of a current 5th grader. They would like to partner with DCES/DCMS this year or next year. Elliot Greenberg 602-509-7552. - Maria Aldrich
  • Touch up butterfly mural and flowers, bottle caps may need replacing - have STUGO help


VP Finance: Tara McConnell

  • Chase account $97,969.31
  • Paypal account $2495.91


Budget items that were already approved via email: 

  • 4/26 Movie night budget increased from $1000 to $1800 (updated in budget 5/2)
  • 4/23 Mandarin Special events budget increased from $1000 to $1250 (updated in budget 5/2)
  • 2/17 Pandemic needs budget (for bottled water) increased from $230 to $330 (updated in budget 5/2)
  • 1/14 Amazing race budget (for Membership toolkit software) increased from $3000 to $3750 (updated in budget 5/2)
  • 5/13 5th grade celebration funds approved budget $1514 (Includes increase from $500 to $975 and increased by funds provided by parents $539)

NOTE: Actionable item: we went way over what we thought we were going to make for amazing race and the software ended up costing more (but Krista was amazing in keeping the rest of the costs down) so we only need to increase the budget by $400o cover the membership toolkit software VOTE to increase amazing race budget by $400 APPROVED


APPROVED TO increase legacy spending from $40,000 to $50,000


What will possibly still be spent from budget:

Birthday book club




Hospitality/Teacher treats


Movie night


Trivia night


School events


Campus improvements


Legacy spending


Teacher allocation funding






  • So if we are considering increasing the legacy spending, I would not increase more than $40,000 (to $80,000). The delays caused by waiting for SUSD board meetings and lawyers for the city of Scottsdale may mean that we just include these items in next year’s budget





VP Hospitality: Melanie Frisone and Michelle Wilson

  • Teacher Appreciation Week
    • Monday- Lunch for Teachers & Staff Zoes Kitchen
    • Tues- Chick-fil-A Breakfast all Teachers & Staff
    • Wed-Panera Lunch - All Teachers
    • Thurs- Jimmy Johns’ Lunch - All Teachers
    • Friday - Bashas Breakfast Burritos All Teachers & Staff 
  • Decorated North & South Gates
  • DCES Tote Bags for All Teachers & Staff
  • Nurses Day - May 6th - Lunch for the 2 nurses
  • Last week of School - Smoothies for Teachers & Staff
  • Gift for Brenda & Carmen


VP App: Dave, Mary

  • Ok to end spiritwear sales