PTO Board Meeting Minutes - December 7, 2020, 3:45pm

3/23/2021 6:27 pm

PTO Board Meeting Minutes 

December 7, 2020, 3:45pm


2020-2021 Board Attendees:

Co-Presidents: Laura Weeshoff - Kiki Dupey - Teacher Representative: Holly Hooley - Jamie McCrensky- VP Hospitality: Melanie Frisone - Michelle Wilson  - VP Finance: Tara McConnell - VP Fundraising: Maria Aldrich - VP Communications/App: Beth Williams - Alicia Haygood - Mary Olley – Dave McQuiston – VP Spring Events: Krista Kotsovos - VP Fall Events: Marissa Anderson - VP Outreach: Morgan Reader -  SOL Liaison: Laurie Jones - Mandarin Liaison: Kerry Dandan Sullivan



  • Teachers are thrilled with our Thanksgiving Pie tradition and the gift basket raffle
  • Golf tournament success

Principal Update:

  •  Teacher basket drawings - every day for 2 weeks. Mrs. Smith received the first one. 
  • Covid Case updates populate on every Friday. If someone is in close contact with a positive case or in a class with a positive case they will be notified. Each case is very different. Streaming for quarantine cases; if 2 cases unrelated - that’s considered an outbreak and everyone will be notified. Close contact is sitting within 6 feet for 10 minutes.
  • New DCES School Marquee is up at north lot; will get training on how to add messages; the City of Scottsdale will trim the trees so it’s in view
  • Front office is ready to go - we can have a video tour done. Furniture being ordered. 
  • Principal letter last Friday; teachers and administrators juggling a lot re edl, quarantine, live teaching.. If a student is quarantining they can stream in. If your child is out for another reason they won’t do streaming. 
  • Next semester EDL will be at Echo Canyon
  • All classrooms have cameras for students quarantining for when school returns in January
  • CDC guidelines followed for both students and staff regarding quarantining with Covid. Close contact is within 2 days of symptoms or positive test. Currently still following 2 week quarantine guidelines. If a teacher is out sick, a sub will come in, but the sub can’t stream so another teacher may do some of the streaming


Old Business:

  • Carpool Parking spot was auctioned


 New Business:

  • Replace shade cover at first grade cove wash stations - ideally done before March. Any other shade structures?  Shade sail at first grade cove - permission from it to go from awning to fence (will need to bring out Greg Skelton)
  • Shade structure at North Gate where teachers let people out. (Greg Skelton has suggestions for us here as well)


Teacher Representative: Jamie McCrensky and Holly Hooley

  • Clarification for teacher reimbursements and deadlines on teacher reimbursements 
    • We’ll have Jillian send out an email with staff budgets or have it sent to Ms. McCrensky and Mrs. Hooley; should be the email for reimbursements
  • 5th grade cove is losing their saguaro cactus, it’s leaning and will be taken down. So 

There will be a small fence there - plant a tree there from the 5th grade cove; 2 or 3 options the students could vote on approved by the district


VP Finance: Tara McConnell

  • We have $5,000 scholastic dollars
    • Vote on giving $100 to every teacher
    • Vote to give the balance to the library to total $4,000 between teachers and the library
    • Chase Account $55,529.56
  • PayPal account $17,186.89 (transferred into Chase today)
  • Golf tournament:
    • We raised $1050 for mulligans and raffle tickets
    • And $9000 for sponsorships and players
    • For a total of $10,050
    • Expenses so far $6203
    • Raising nearly $4K for the PTO 🎉


VP Sponsorships: Maria Aldrich

  • A/R workshop fundraiser $35 for 10 ornaments Nov 1 to Dec 15
  • Siena Art Portrait Studio gave $600 in credit towards a portrait to each player of the golf tournament; Try to give one to teachers.  They may also help with the auction


VP App: Dave, Mary

  • PTO Email forwarding to large groups isn’t working (
  • Reminder: 
    • Email for web/app needs
    • Verify - SOL families are in our app/receiving emails - Have Laurie make sure the families have signed up in the app as SOL or EDL
    • Our Mandarin Rep: Kerry has a PTO email:
    • has a page of links to our retail partners.
  • Winter spiritwear and birthday book club water bottles


VP Fall Events: Marissa Anderson

  • Golf fundraiser in the fall without an auction (Ryan Curran, and Kathleen MCDowell)
  • Family fun nights - *Take out nights at restaurants*
    • Chick fil A - Still waiting on total.  They have undergone staffing change in the fundraising position recently and will get back to me this week on totals from October and food credit from last year.  If fundraiser was successful, I will schedule another one for December.
    • Portillo's drive through - $125 
    • Papa Johns - $142 from recent fundraiser.  Maybe we should schedule these monthly.  They seem to be popular.
    • Reached out to NYPD Pizza to schedule the week of 12/14.  They give 20%.  Waiting to hear back.
    • Going to schedule Panera in January, they give 20%.


VP Communications/Marketing: Beth and Alicia

  • Highlight/show board members
    • Selfie video with each board member - highlight one a week
      WE NEED MORE! We have Pres. Finance and Comm Team. The rest??
  • Email for any posting on facebook, insta, email; also forward emails to Laurie Jones;
  • Tuft and Needle gives back
    • For December: Need to send out email/post reminding parents about our partners including Tuft and Needle and Amazon Smile for holiday shopping
  • Post needed re: chair of online auction/game night occurring in late Jan or early Feb


VP Hospitality: Melanie Frisone and Michelle Wilson

  • Thanksgiving Pie Donations - over 65 pies!!
  • Holiday Basket Raffle - 18 donated baskets

VP Special Projects: Alyson Ashcroft

  • $3,000 grant received for gardens
  • Look at buying 5th grade cove tree
  • More info on shades for coves and north gate


SOL Liaison: Laurie Jones; 

  • Email Laurie to forward DCES emails to SOL


Mandarin Liaison: Kerry Dandan Sullivan


VP Spring Events : Krista Kotsovos

  • Amazing race - Tentative Date: First week in March, need approval for volunteers on campus; Krista to meet with Mrs. Mills to help with planning. 
  • Auction/Online Game night- Late Jan/early Feb? - Co- chairs?, with pizza delivery and drink delivery - Need to advertise co-chair positions!!
  • Drive in Movie? 


VP Outreach: Morgan Reader