PTO Board Meeting Minutes - Nov 2, 2020 9am

3/23/2021 6:21 pm

PTO Board Meeting Minutes 

Wednesday, Nov 2, 2020 9am.


2020-2021 Board Attendees:

Co-Presidents: Laura Weeshoff - Kiki Dupey - Teacher Representative: Holly Hooley - Jamie McCrensky- VP Hospitality: Melanie Frisone - Michelle Wilson  - VP Finance: Tara McConnell - VP Fundraising: Maria Aldrich - VP Communications/App: Beth Williams - Alicia Haygood - Mary Olley – Dave McQuiston – VP Spring Events: Krista Kotsovos - VP Fall Events: Marissa Anderson - VP Outreach: Morgan Reader -  SOL Liaison: Laurie Jones - Mandarin Liaison: Kerry Dandan Sullivan

Principal Update:

  •  Kinder Roundup Monday - Virtual
  • Board Meeting Tonight - have Alicia and Beth post; plans for EDL and SOL moving forward in January; commitment form this month.
  • Covid Case updates populate on every Friday. If someone is in close contact with a positive case or in a class with a positive case they will be notified. Each case is very different. Streaming for quarantine cases; if 2 cases unrelated - that’s considered an outbreak and everyone will be notified. Close contact is sitting within 6 feet for 10 minutes.
  • Picture day - there will be time slots for EDL and SOL students
  • Yearbook: Combine photos on a google drive for parents and staff to upload, including EDL and SOL; email Sara re: photo parameters
  • Revisit time for PTO meetings; return to afternoons, wednesdays (?)


Old Business:

  • Birthday Book Club was a success
  • Room Parents assigned - Candace is the lead


New Business:

  • Scholastic book fair these 2 weeks! Nov 2-15
  • Parking spots - 2 from platinum add on need to be labeled
  • Ok to sell a carpool spot - start $300


Teacher Representative: Jamie McCrensky and Holly Hooley


VP Finance: Tara McConnell

  • Check on Scholastic dollars 
    • Chase Account: $61,366.36
    • Paypal Account: $8035.77
    • All Auction items have been paid for
    • Amazon Anchors Aweigh $42?
    • Can we vote to use our technology aid funds (which is no longer needed) towards a part time front office check in for this year. Our crossing guard position is also not filled, so this will not affect overall funding. 


  • All attending (10) voted “yes” to changing technology aide funds to part time front office check-in aide


VP Sponsorships: Maria Aldrich

  • A/R workshop fundraiser $35 for 10 ornaments Nov 1 to Dec 15


VP App: Dave, Mary


VP Fall Events: Marissa Anderson

  • Golf fundraiser in the fall without an auction (Ryan Curran, and ?)
    • MMR - pricing about $100. $600 for a team of 4? 
    • Sponsors needed
    • We also need someone to help with prize donations
    • Tentative Friday afternoon date: Dec 4th
  • Family fun nights - *Take out nights at restaurants*(Nicole Quadrini, Meredith McDermott, Jen Simpson can help)
  • Peter Piper ($15) 
  • Chick fil A - waiting to hear 
  • Portillo's drive through - waiting to hear
  • Domino’s Pizza - 
  • Dec?
  • Amanda Swadish - credit at chick fil a 


VP Communications/Marketing: Beth and Alicia

  • Highlight/show board members
    • Selfie video with each board member - highlight one a week
  • Email for any posting on facebook, insta, email; also forward emails to Laurie Jones;
  • Flyering for Kinder Roundup and help our parents get the word out about kinder enrollment starting
  • Tuft and Needle gives back (25%!!?!!) -
  • Board meeting tonight
  • Covid communication - from Kiki


VP Hospitality: Melanie Frisone and Michelle Wilson

  • Teacher treats a success
  • Teacher Favorite Things sent to room parents 
  • Thanksgiving Pie Donations for all of the Teachers & Staff
  • Dec 4: need prizes for teachers for a BINGO holiday night celebration - goal - a dozen prizes? - sign up genius of donations


VP Special Projects: Alyson Ashcroft

  • Soil delivered! Thank you Alyson
  • $3,000 grant received for gardens
  • Consider tortoise habitat or koi pond (is this allowed) or other school animal. Or garden expansion


SOL Liaison: Laurie Jones; 

  • Email Laurie to forward DCES emails to SOL


Mandarin Liaison: Kerry Dandan Sullivan


VP Spring Events : Krista Kotsovos

  • Amazing race - Tentative Date: First week in March, need approval for volunteers on campus; Krista to meet with Mrs. Mills to help with planning. 
  • Auction/Online Game night- Late Jan/early Feb? - Co- chairs?, with pizza delivery and drink delivery


VP Outreach: Morgan Reader