PTO Board Meeting Minutes - Oct 11, 2020 9am

3/23/2021 6:16 pm

PTO Board Meeting Minutes 

Wednesday, Oct 11, 2020 9am.


2020-2021 Board Attendees:

Co-Presidents: Laura Weeshoff - Kiki Dupey - Teacher Representative: Holly Hooley - Jamie McCrensky- VP Hospitality: Melanie Frisone - Michelle Wilson  - VP Finance: Tara McConnell - VP Fundraising: Maria Aldrich - VP Communications/App: Beth Williams - Alicia Haygood - Mary Olley – Dave McQuiston – VP Spring Events: Krista Kotsovos - VP Fall Events: Marissa Anderson - VP Outreach: Morgan Reader  SOL Liaison - Laurie Jones




All grades are back!!

Spiritwear delivered

Online auction

Yard signs

Principal Update:

  •  General update


Old Business:

  • Spiritwear orders delivered/distributed
  • Successful online auction! 
  • Successful pizza night


New Business:

  • Birthday book club this week
  • Scholastic book fair chair - needed. Nov 2-15
  • Room parent assignments 

Teacher Representative: Jamie McCrensky and Holly Hooley

  • Mrs Hooley and Ms McCrensky created a Google form to help facilitate room parent volunteers


VP Finance: Tara McConnell

  •  Current Chase Checking Balance: $61,181.07
  • Paypal Account Balance: $6,972.64
  • Current Spiritwear budget is $6500 and we've spent $5800. If we are considering another spiritwear run, we may need to up that budget {Spiritwear has already surpassed its expected income of $10,000 and has brought in $11,000)
  • Pandemic Needs bucket: the cases of water etc cost more than expected. This bucket is currently at $100, but needs to be upped to $230 to cover those expenses


VP Sponsorships: Maria Aldrich

  • Mathnasium $100 credit to pto 
  • A/R workshop fundraiser $35 for 10 ornaments Nov 1 to Dec 15


VP App: Dave, Mary


VP Fall Events: Marissa Anderson

  • Golf fundraiser in the fall - Ryan researching this week
  •  Family fun nights - *Take out nights at restaurants*(Nicole Quadrini, Meredith McDermott, Jen Simpson)
  •  Early Release Wednesday 21st in October - Peter Piper - with afternoon/evening/all day option
  • Chick fil A this Friday
  • Election night -Portilos through drive through
  • We made $400 at Papa John's
  • Amanda Swadish - credit at chick fil a 
  •  Birthday Book Club  
    • Oct 16. - Lisa Lee is delivering Thursday for passing out Friday


VP Communications: Beth and Alicia

  • Highlight/show board members
    • Selfie video with each board member - highlight one a week
  • Email for any posting on facebook, insta, email; also forward emails to Laurie Jones;
  • Blog posts topics


VP Hospitality: Melanie Frisone and Michelle Wilson

  • Teacher treats starts this week
  • Back to School Week 
    • Delivered 55 Boxed Lunches to Teachers & Staff
    • Flower Auction
    • Teacher Treat - Crumbl Cookies
  • Add Teacher Favorite Things to app
  • Donation Option on the PTO Store for Teacher Treats 
  • Conference Treats for Next Week


VP Special Projects: Alyson Ashcroft

  • We are in charge of maintaining butterfly garden and school gardens that we have planted
  • Boxes in the fourth grade and kinder cove - has the soil been delivered? Are they still going to use those boxes for Native American Planting in fourth? STEAM planting? 3rd grade garden teas or tasting; We just need to contact Sing Farms
  • $3,000 grant received 


SOL Liaison: Laurie Jones; 

  • SOL families have a Facebook group
  • Email Laurie to forward DCES emails to SOL


VP Spring Events : Krista Kotsovos

  • Amazing race in the spring - TBD


VP Outreach: Morgan Reader