PTO Board Meeting - July 30, 2019

8/5/2019 10:02 pm


PTO Board Meeting Krista Kotsovos’ house 

Tuesday, July 30th 2019 5:00 p.m.

2019-2020 Board Attendees:

Co-Presidents: Krista Kotsovos - Kiki Dupey - Teacher Representative: Holly Hooley - Curt Robinson - VP Hospitality: Melanie Frisone - Cassie Reynolds - VP Finance: Tara McConnell - VP Fundraising: Larry Antolik - VP Communications/App: Laura Weeshoff - Mary Olley – Dave McQuiston – VP Spring Events: Debbie Blaes - VP Fall Events: Shari Clenard - VP Outreach: Morgan Reader  

Absent: Debbie Blaes, Larry Antolik


Principal Update:

  • District updates:
    • Each school gets a social worker 1 day a week-- the PTO could potentially fund separate days, maybe days evan Isn’t here
    • SUSD now has a lead psych for the district
    • Robinson will be Superintendent Liaison for DCES: 4 meetings a year
    • Kriekard to have coffee with Superintendent at each HS
  • Paint and flooring complete throughout campus
    • can we get swiffer vacuum push for classrooms
      • Will purchase 1 and see how it works
      • Want 1 per cove 
  • Entrance mural to be discussed this week with Dennis
  • Will introduce new AP before the start of Thursday curriculum night 
    • Will also have Maria give a little speech on partnerships/philanthropy
  • Evan will be here Tues/Thurs all day, and Friday afternoons 
  • 1st coffee with Kim is Tues Aug 13th 9:00 - Evan Tiras will be introduced
  • Need to make sure all board members have their volunteer status up to date


Old Business:

  • Legacy spending update:
  • Trash cans
  • Movement software for Sparks
  • Reading nook chairs for higher grades
  • Chalkboards in all coves—got the quote from SUSD and it turned out to be very expensive- cost prohibitive for this year - was going to be $450 per cove
    • Will put one big one outside the 4th grade cove
  • Carrying over $14k for this coming year


New Business:

  • Funding needs exploration for the following school year
  • MMR Golf Club event to benefit the DCES PTO – Morgan will need volunteers for the event—liability issues? 50/50 raffle
    1. August 17th
    2. Whose liability insurance would be on the hook 
    3. Will advertise via our website, social media, etc. 

Teacher Representative: Curt Robinson and Holly Hooley

  • Update on any Summer trainings? 
    1. Ms. Sparks and Mr. Sabol went to a social/emotional training
    2. Kim and some other teachers went from Delaware for Mandarin training
    3. Leopold, Ganser, and Hooley will be the trainers of trainers for Write from the Beginning
  • Any staffing changes other than the new AP? Evan Tiras, also at Laguna
    1. Mr. Rhodes is our new 5th grade teacher
    2. New 2nd grade teacher to replace Stein
    3. Ms. Chen is new Mandarin Teacher for 2nd grade
    4. Carlene new 3-4-5 Success teacher
    5. Lunch/recess monitors are filled (3 positions)
    6. Have yet to fill the recess aide


VP Finance: Tara McConnell

  • Need someone to do reimbursement
  • Budget Update: see handout
    1. Board members to review budget items, ask questions as needed
    2. Not set in stone, just set up so we don’t have to vote on every item we purchase throughout the year
    3. Will vote via email next week
  • Upcoming expenses
    1. Teacher allocation - will revisit the LRC staff’s allocation and potentially add it as a line item
    2. Will purchase a new bin for the playground toys


VP Sponsorships: Larry Antolik

  • Paw partnership update - vote 
    • Pros and cons of cost of premium package
    • Will be able to delineate for the tax deductible donation via the app for a receipt to the parents
    • Definition of PTO Membership: any donation to the PTO will give access to the directory, 
    • Will have flyer at Meet the Teacher night, in office, and will send home first week of school
      • Will send the PDF to Holly Hooley and Dave/Mary for the website 
  • Sponsors update
    • Will have Larry send Mary info re: sponsorships levels to set up store
    • Mary to update website once info is received


VP Communication/App: Dave, Mary, and Laura

  • App transition update
    • If we see any issues email
  • Site transition update
    • Ideas to include in site
      • Principal’s corner
      • Teachers corner
      • Mandarin Corner
      • Will link Titan for lunches
      • Will link the SUSD website
      • Tara to send forms link for reimbursements, etc
  • Will be going live when?
    • Live now
  • Blog topic ideas
    • Paw Partnership/Philanthropy
    • Meet our New AP
    • Mandarin Program
    • Amazing Race
    • Garden
    • Keep Newsletter monthly
    • Will add newsletter to blog thread once it’s sent out


VP Special Projects: Melanie Martin

  • Garden program update
    1. Melanie met with teacher reps who will put together sample lessons
    2. Art Masterpiece model, 1 lesson per quarter
    3. Utilize garden as an outdoor classroom
    4. Plan to expand garden further to area adjacent to cafeteria (currently desert) -will triple garden space
    5. Irrigation will happen during Fall break, Planting after-- will need VOLUNTEERS
    6. Please email Melanie with any community partnership ideas
    7. Preliminary design presented to board 
    8. Requesting 5k from PTO budget
    9. Will continue the after school garden program
    10. Energy walk on campus - numbered signs within various gardens on campus
      1. Kiki to create art for walk
  • Garden Signage completed?
    1. Kiki to paint signs for the garden, much more cost effective than ordering signs


VP Hospitality: Melanie Frisone and Michelle Wilson

  • Switching from Tuesday Treats to Teacher Treats and will be coordinating for Early Release days to reduce cost
  • Budget concerns or thoughts?
    • Melanie to email schedule to Krista 


VP Fall Events: Shari Clenard

  • Peter Piper night scheduled for August 9th
    1. Mary to add to calendar
  • Back to school bash update?
    1. September 13th 
    2. Will need to secure a DJ – Middle School Principal???
  • Flyer/handout for upcoming Family Fun nights? 


VP Spring Events: Debbie Blaes


VP Outreach: Morgan Reader

  • Print signups for committee volunteers for Meet the Teacher night
  • Need to create sign ups for Golf Event thing

download PDF copy of the minutes