Art Masterpiece at DCES



 What is Art Masterpiece?

Art Masterpiece is a national enrichment program where volunteers use reproductions of fine works of art to promote art literacy in children. Art is an integral part of life and the Art Masterpiece Program is a chance to stimulate the students’ thought, perception and imagination. In the end, students attain a greater awareness of the world around them. Volunteers bring prints to the classroom and present a lesson and art activity planned for a particular grade level.



Is art education really important?



Yes! Here are some of the ways art benefits and enriches our students’ lives:

 Art teaches self-discipline and enhances motor skills

Art promotes cognitive & creative thinking

Art teaches problem-solving skills

Art strengthens self-esteem and self-confidence

Art provides a means of self-expression and promotes appreciation for the individuality of others

Art improves overall academic performance



I would like to be a volunteer…  but I don’t know much about art. Is that a problem?

Volunteers do not have to be former art majors, teachers, or even well-versed in art. Qualities such as reliability and enthusiasm are more important in our volunteers than artistic ability. Art Masterpiece is one of the few volunteer programs were you can teach in your child’s classroom. Because of this, Art Guides need a sense of commitment and must be willing to devote a small portion of their time each month. In return, they receive gratification for bringing Art Education to appreciative and interested students.



What are the lessons like?




Art Masterpiece lessons and supplies are provided for volunteers and taught on a monthly basis, with a total of five-six lessons per year, depending on teacher curriculum and availability. They typically last an hour, with most of that hour dedicated to a hands-on art activity. The purpose of our program is to increase awareness and appreciation of art. This is done by introducing various elements of art and principles of design in fun ways the children can easily grasp.



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