Mock emergency training event this Saturday at Cocopah Middle School

9/28/2022 6:21 pm

September 28, 2022

Scottsdale Unified School District, Scottsdale Police and Fire Departments, HonorHealth to Conduct Mock, Active-Shooter Simulation

School safety is SUSD's top priority and a shared responsibility.


As such, Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD), the Scottsdale Police and Fire departments, and HonorHealth will conduct a full-scale, active-shooter simulated event at Cocopah Middle School, 6615 E. Cholla St., Scottsdale, this Saturday, October 1, 2022. The exercise will test the organizations' emergency response plans, which would have to work together seamlessly in a real school emergency.


This all-day training is closed to the public. Please be aware that nearby Sequoya Elementary School at 11808 N. 64th St. will be used as a staging area for the drill at Cocopah. Both schools will see a lot of activity during the course of the drill and should be avoided. Additionally, Cocopah neighbors may hear sounds that are related to this active-shooter scenario.


In the case of a real emergency, SUSD Communications would immediately send robocalls, emails and text messages to all parents/guardians associated with the students enrolled at the affected school(s). Please take a moment to confirm that your school has current contact information for you.


It is critical that parents/guardians DO NOT go to a school when it is in a lockdown. When the situation has been resolved, we will provide you with family reunification details, most likely at an alternate location determined by the district and law enforcement. More information on SUSD's approach to safety and security can be found on the district website at


We are grateful to our first responders and community partners, who share our same dedication and determination to keep our schools safe. That often starts with the students, their families and our employees, who we trust to immediately share concerns and report anything they deem suspicious.


We look forward to growing from this experience and identifying ways to further improve our preventive measures, as well as our crisis response capabilities.


Thank you.



Scottsdale Unified School District