DCES Mrs. Mills September 23rd Principal Letter

9/26/2022 12:39 pm


Dear DCES Families,
Yesterday was the first day of Fall, and we are excited about cooler weather coming our way. We
look forward to several Fall events, including our first quarter in-person R.O.A.R assembly for
cubbies that have earned a R.O.A.R award from their teacher. Book Fair and Family Movie Night will
also be coming to campus soon. Finally, we are excited to have our parents back on campus this
year, joining us in our Fall traditions. All visitors, please remember to sign in and grab a
visitor sticker from our front office.


Student Safety
We are proud of our students for speaking up when they see something that may be of concern.
Students reported seeing an individual outside the school gates. Out of precaution, we wanted to
make families aware that we take reporting seriously. We are grateful to our security staff and
Officer Pera for their responsiveness and attention to the reporting. We reviewed the video footage
and investigated our findings to confirm that we had a parent and facility workers outside the
gates. We will continue to monitor our campus to ensure safety.

This week's events remind us that we all have a role in the safety of our school. If students,
staff, or parents see anything that is a safety concern, we encourage them to report it to the
office immediately. We encourage parents to avoid visiting their students through the gates before
school. We must be consistent with our safety expectations for the students. Parents are welcome to
stay outside the gates with their students before entering campus.


Avoiding Classroom Distractions
We are mindful of protecting students' instructional minutes and want to ensure that we have
minimal disruptions to student academic learning. We encourage parents to schedule appointments
outside the school day and understand that sometimes that may not be an option. If your child needs
to leave early for a doctor's appointment, please email your child's teacher the day before they
will be signed out early. You may call the office in advance to assist in having your student
gather their belongings and pack up early to be in the office promptly. However, your student will
stay in their classroom until the parent arrives. Please refer to the lunch and specials times
below as it may take additional time to come to the front office. Additionally, if students are
signed out ten-fifteen minutes before the bell without notification, they may not arrive until
3:15, when dismissal occurs. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Table - Lunch Schedule

AC Update
Good news, the AC unit has been cooling normally, and we are back to normal with both chillers

Student ID Badges
We encourage 2ⁿᵈ-5ᵗʰ grade students to wear their ID badges. However, this is a learning experience
for students to get in the habit of wearing them. We are in the process of getting an ID printing
machine to replace student badges that have been misplaced.


Volunteer Update
Please read the updates in the link below for volunteering. The updated requirements differ because
volunteers will need a background check and fingerprint clearance. We understand that this is a
process that will take transition time, and we will work with parents who want to volunteer and
will be chaperoning. If you are a chaperone on a field trip, we encourage you to start with getting
your fingerprint clearance as soon as possible. The link below will provide further details on the
updated guidelines. In the meantime, we will work with individuals in the process of fingerprint
clearance and continue to welcome volunteers and visitors on campus.
Update volunteer guidelines

Important Dates - October Family Calendar (events)

September 26ᵗʰ No School District Recess
September 28ᵗʰ Early Release 1:15 pm
October 5ᵗʰ No School District Recess
October 10ᵗʰ-14ᵗʰ Fall Break
October 26, 27, & 28 Parent Teacher Conferences Early Release 1:15 pm

Lastly, the Arizona Worm Farm is coming next Tuesday during our garden time. They will be hosting a
mini class on worms and how to use them for composting in our school garden. In addition, they will
be bringing bags of worms (600 worms per bag in Various life cycles) that we will be adding to our
garden beds in a structured small composting program. Again, we want to give a massive shout-out to
Mrs. Chu for making this possible!

Respectfully yours,


Mrs. Kimberly Mills 金柏莉| Principal
沙谷小学 Desert Canyon Elementary School