DCES September 2nd Principal Mills Letter

9/8/2022 10:39 am

September 2, 2022

Dear DCES Families,

Next week we look forward to hosting our annual First Responders Event for our cubbies. Friday, September 9, students will travel with their homeroom teachers to visit each First Responder (Fire Department, Scottsdale Police Department, etc.) In the morning, when students arrive, they will go straight to their classrooms, similar to a rainy-day schedule. This will allow the emergency vehicles and first responders to set up on our fields. This is an exciting event for our students, and we encourage them to write thank you cards to show our gratitude for their service.

Student ID's D.I.G.I.T
S.U.S.D.'s safety motto is DIG-IT (Doors, Identification, Gates, and I.T. (cyber security)). The expectation is that classroom doors are locked and not propped open, students and staff wear their I.D. badges, and all visitors show I.D. and sign in in the front office. All gates on campus should also be locked unless they are manned.
Starting Tuesday, September 6th 2-5th grade students will be required to always wear their I.D. badges. In addition, teachers will pass student I.D.'s out to their students Tuesday morning when the school day starts.

Lost and Found
Parents can access the lost and found before school, 6:30 am-8:40 am, or after school, 3:30-6:30 pm. Parents will need to park in the back by the bus lane. Parents can enter the same way they come in to go to Kids Club in the cafeteria

Parent Pick Up – Please help expedite parent pick up by leaving student names in your window until the student enters the vehicle.


DCES Air Condition Update
Great news! The part has arrived for our school AC unit and will be installed over the three-day weekend. We are grateful for the expedited process and priority that our SUSD maintenance department provided to our students and staff.

North Parking Lot (ROAR)
Thank you for your continued support for student safety during arrival and dismissal. We appreciate our parent's actions in demonstrating kindness, being role models for our cubbies, and setting an example of following our ROAR. We encourage students to show Respect, Outstanding character, Appreciating others, and demonstrate Responsibility daily on campus. Our parents can help by displaying our ROAR expectations during arrival, dismissal, and school events.

North Parking Lot Reminders for Safety  

  • (Respect) Keep handicap parking available for individuals with a permit.
  • (Outstanding Character) Please park in the designated parking spots and walk students to the gates.(Appreciating Others) Be courteous of the reserved family parking spots and not park in the reserved spaces.
    (Responsibility) There is no parking on the red curbs or blocking access to the parking lot.


Coffee with the Principal- September 19 School Safety 8:30-9:30 am– Josh Freidman S.U.S.D. The Director of Security will be in attendance.