DCES Arrival and Dismissal Safety Reminders

9/8/2022 10:35 am

Dear DCES Families,


We need your help to keep our arrival and dismissal safe for our students and families. Therefore, starting tomorrow August 15th-19th, we will be giving warnings for vehicles parking on the red curb in the north parking lot. In addition, starting Monday, August 22, vehicles will receive a citation for parking on the red curb. We encourage you to utilize the Arabian Library if the north parking lot is full. K-5 students are welcome to use the first north gate if you are parking in the Arabian Library. Vehicles that park in the handicap spaces without a permit will also receive a citation. Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we ensure the safety of our students during arrival and dismissal.


Please also be courteous of the reserved family parking spots that families have purchased for the year. These spots need to be available for the appropriate family that they are reserved for during arrival, dismissal, and school events. Thank you for honoring these family parking spots.



Kim Mills


DCES Principal